Police Supercars Racing: Free Car Racing With 16 Levels, 4 Cars

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Police Supercars Racing is a free car racing game for PC. A car racing game with no limits barred, crash cars as much as you can. Bust your car and get re-spawned, hit the power boosters, drift your wheels, do whatever you like. You need to complete the level and unlock 15 other levels and four other super-cop cars.

You are given three time limits in one level to reach the finishing point. If you reach to the finishing line before the first time limit, then you are given the “Rank A” , if you finish before the second time limit then you are provided “Rank B” and if you finish before the third time limit then you get the Rank C.  Navigate your car and reach the finish line before time.

The download size of this car racing game is 66 MB. And you will be surprised when you see fantastic graphics of this game.

Police supercars racing

The police cars have always haunted us in the car racing games like Need For Speed, they have chased us like ghosts in our entire gaming career. In this game, now you can drive police cars yourself and have the feel of real cops. Instead of you running from the police cars, you will actually be driving one.

About Police Supercars Racing Game for PC:

Police Supercars Racing is a free car racing game with awesome 3D graphics (pretty awesome for a 66 MB Game). It has a nice background music as well. The game starts with a small story about a town called Sun City. The rising crime rates have made the place dangerous for living. With the motive to stop the ongoing criminal activities in the city, a Special Supercar Police Unit has been organized. You being one of those Supercar Police, who happens to be behind the wheels, needs to drive the car along the city.

Prior to start of the game, you will be shown a map which is basically your driveway. You will be shown the way by Green Neon lights (when the race begins), that you are asked to follow.

First Mission

In each level, you are given three time limits. The first time limit is of 1 minute and 20 seconds. If you reach the finish point within that time, then you get “Rank A”. The second time limit is of 1 minute and 40 seconds, you will get “Rank B” if you finish the race before that. The third time limit is 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and you get “Rank C” to finish before this time. Basically, you will have to make it to the either of the three ranks to unlock the next level. If you don’t even get Rank C, you will stay in the current level.

In addition, completing the race in less time gets you points as well. There are more points for Rank A, lesser for Rank B, and least for Rank C. You can use these points later to upgrade your car.

Rank A time Limit

There are 4 cars to be unlocked. Initially you are provided with Bullet L540 and you can unlock more by unlocking more levels. You can unlock your next car if you unlock 5 stages, 9 stages needs to be unlocked to unlock the next car after that, and so on.

Mission Locked

Now tell me, what can be the best part of driving the cop car? No one catches you!! Right, no matter how much crazy driving you do, or how many cars you crash into, there is never a car with sirens buzzing in your ears. So, you can crash all you want. However, crashes do slow you down, so you want to avoid them as much as you can.

Crashing Cars

How To Play Police Supercars Racing on PC

The download size of the game is 66 MB. the installation part does not have anything to be detailed about. As I already said the game starts with a short story (you cannot skip it).

The next window will give you some options like New Game, Options etc..I guess you are playing the game for the first time so hit the New Game.

police supercar racing first window

Now enter the player’s name and press continue. Once done you will be guided to the “select mission”. If you are playing for the first time then all the missions except one will be locked. So just hit the continue button, else click the next logo to choose your mission.

Police Supercar Racing enter player's Name

Here’s your car: Bullet L560. You can activate 4 more cars by unlocking the levels and gathering more points. Now hit continue to start off with the race.

Start The Race

The game interface shows you your car and your driveway lighted up in Neon green arrow lights. Navigate your cop car with the help of four directional arrows. You can press the left “Alt” key to use the power booster and “Ctrl” to drift you wheels.

Race On

  • Up arrow: Accelerate.
  • Down Arrow: Brake.
  • Right Arrow: Turn Right.
  • Left Arrow: Turn Left.
  • Left Ctrl: Drift.
  • Left Alt: Nitrous Boosters.

The countdown timer will always flash at the top of the screen. And alongside to that will be your time flashing. Just drive hastily and try to get one of the three ranks and unlock the next level.

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My Verdict

A 66 MB game that has 16 levels and awesome gaming visuals, what more do you want. Unlike NFS, there is no cop to bust your car, ironically you are the one who is driving rashly in a busy city traffic. All in all, it’s a free car racing game with awesome graphics and intuitive but interesting gameplay, and one of those few free games I liked to play. Therefore the game gets a “God” verdict from me.

Get your free Police Supercars Racing free here.

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