SkyTrack: Free Car Racing Game For PC With Fantastic Graphics

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SkyTrack is free car racing game for PC. The gameplay is very simple: you race with your car on a track which is made in the sky. The track is not continuous and plain, but curvy and discontinuous.

The download size of the game is small (about 17 MB), actually very small if you compare it with the top notch visuals that it offers you. The quality of the game is just fantastic and it is definitely one of the best free car racing game for PC that I have come across. The gameplay is easy to understand but equally tough when it comes to driving your car on a racing track that runs on the sky.

Skytrack Game Interface

I found the racing track “very mean” for the racers, as the racing track is neither straight nor continuous.  The tracks are open from the center, therefore you will not even realize when fall through them.

All of these features actually make the game quite challenging, even for the most seasoned racers. Ironically, this is what keeps you hooked to the game. You will not stop playing the game unless you win the race, and that will take a really long time.

Gameplay of SkyTrack free car racing game:

The game-play is pretty simple, all you have to do in the game is create a gamer profile, choose a difficulty level for yourself and hit the gas. However, when you crash on the track, you actually do not hit a wall, but take a full plunge into the universe, and so does every other racer. Therefore try to maintain enough speed so that you can handle the jumps and gaps in the tracks.

Enjoy the fall

As soon as you fall off the track, the car gets re-spawn and you start from just ahead of the point  from where you fell off. You need to complete the entire lap of the race, competing with other racers.

re-spawning the car

The objective here is definitely to come first. But even if you finish a race decently you can earn rewards (the car you get initially in the game can hardly get you to finish your lap), you can trade those rewards to upgrade your car in the car garage.

Upgrade your Car

Controls of SkyTrack free car racing game:

You drive your car on the racing track with the four directional arrow keys. Apart from this, the “space bar” provides an immediate brake to your car.

Skytrack Game Controls

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How To Play SkyTrack Car Racing Game on PC:

Launch the game after installation. You can change the game resolution from the first window of the game

Step 1: Create your racing avatar, a profile with which you will be playing the entire game.

SkyTrack Select Gaming Avatar

Step 2: The next window will show you two gaming modes:

Gaming Options

Quick Race mode: The modes lets you start the normal race.This one is  simple race where you will be racing with 9 other racers.

Career mode: This is a professional race. Once you select this mode of the game, you will be directed to a window where you can choose your type of of race amongst the list of challenges.

SkyTrack Race Start

The list of challenges go as follows:

  • Battle For Newcomers
  • Training For Newcomers
  • Competition For Aces
  • Training For Experienced
  • Test For Speed
  • Competition For Professionals
  • Battle For Experienced Battle For Advanced

Skytrack Career Race challenges

You race with a minimum of 9 racers and a maximum of 18 racers depending upon the type of challenge you chose.

Step 3: Click on the “Start Event” Option to start the race. Navigate your car with the four directional arrow keys of your keyboard. You are destined to fall off the racing track because of the giant leaps between the tracks, but keep up the speed to avoid falling in the small openings in the middle of the track.

SkyTrack Select the difficulty level

You will find that the others racers are also falling off the track, so the scenario will not be very bad. Try to fall less and complete the race as quickly as you can. The better you race, the more rewards you get. Collect the rewards, update your car from the garage and Race like professionals, that’s all you have to do in this game.

My Verdict

SkyTrack is an addictive free car racing game for your PC. The tracks are difficult to race on, but that is the reason why you will be hooked to the game. The visuals are top notch and quite exquisite for a Game which is just 17 MB in size.. Therefore, I rate this game as “good” and if you enjoy the games like Temple Run, then get your hands on this crazy racing game.

Get Free Sky Track From Here.

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