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Plants vs. Zombies is one of those very popular games. It was previously tagged at $5, but now you can get Plants vs Zombies free for both PC as well as Mac. “On The House” is now giving Plants vs. Zombies free till 29th May, 2014. They have now made this game free temporarily, after successfully distributing Dead Space.

Plants vs. Zombies is a perfect blend of cute visuals and actions. The game requires you to sow combat ready plants, who can fight the Zombies trying to trespass through your territory.

 Plants Vs. Zombies

Logically if you try to think then Plants and Zombies can never be nemesis. Zombies are brain eating, dead walking creatures on Earth, while Plants are nothing but green. But, I guess nothing is logical in the gaming planet. Plants actually cater for the hand that waters them, so when zombies trespasses to eat your gray matter, it’s Plants vs. Zombies.


The game is available at Origin, which is a free online downloader. The download size is just under 250 MB, and the free version provides you with the entire game.

“Catch” you ask?? The only “catch” is that you need to have an origin account and you have to claim it. The game is free of cost only for a limited period till 29th May 2014. Therefore, EA notes that if you want it, then you claim it quickly.

Here’s a quickie, to help you decide upon claiming the game in a haste.

Quickie On Plants vs. Zombies

As I already told you, Plants vs. Zombies is a game for PC. Zombies are pretty famished to eat up your gray matter. To protect yourself, you fortify your territory with combat-ready plants to fight the ditzy zombies. The gameplay of Plants vs. Zombies is pleasantly engaging, but one may need to be accustomed to all the techniques before playing the challenging levels.

Plants Vs. Zombies Game Interface

There are four gaming modes: Adventure, Mini-Games, Puzzles and Survival. But you can only play the last three modes of the games after you have completed playing the levels of the Adventure mode.

  • Adventure: The lawn is divided into grids, and each grid can hold up to one plant. Zombies come straight walking over those grids to your house, and you seed the plants in front of them. Seeding the plants costs you sunlight. However, if you need more Sunlight, then you will have to plant Sunflower plants for that. Shooting technique involves: the seeded plants throwing seeds down the row in which they are planted. Apart from that, there are blasting cherries, mine potatoes, stiff Walnuts, etc. that you seed on the grids as well. These omnivores Zombies can not be killed by a single pea, so the plant repeatedly throws peas at them. Basically, you don’t have to shoot over here, you just need to seed those plants, and they keep shooting the peas, every time a Zombie happens to walk down in their row.
  • Puzzles: There are two types of puzzles in the game: Vasebreaker and I, Zombie. In the first one, you are given vases with number of non-descripted plants over it, you have to break them all. But you do not know that if it is a Zombie hidden inside, or a helpful plant. The next type of puzzle turns the table and let’s you deploy the zombies. You will actually like the sound of zombies crunching over the plants.
  • Mini-games: There are number of mini-games to play, some involve killing invisible zombies while some of the games will require you to fight with modified enemies.
  • Survival: This mode involves for you to uproot some of the plants and re-plant them in crucial places to strategize the game plan.

All in all, you can gain money in all of the modes and then trade them with your neighbors, who are trying to sell crazy stuffs to you.


I guess I have given you pretty much the impression about the game, so I will keep this session brief, so that you just get started with the game.

The game starts with you to provide in the player’s name. Then a window appears that provides you with four types of gaming modes.

Plants vs. Zombies

Click on “Adventure” (You cannot play any other mode, unless you have played this).

Plants vs. Zombies Game Mode

Within seconds you will be able to figure out what you have to do.

Take those Sunlights that fall on the ground. Every Sunlight gives you 25 points. Each of those Pea shooting plants costs you about 100 points (4 Sunlight).

 Plants Vs. Zombies Game Interface 2

As soon as you seed the plant, it will start shooting when it finds any Zombie hoarding in its row.

You can also seed different types of plant’s that will also be combat productive in a way. So, plant them and let them handle Zombies, eco-friendly way!! ;).

New Plant

Final Say

Summing up, I would describe the game as a crazy but cute action game. You won’t be able to see your lawn ever, in the same way after playing this game. And the fact that it is available for free now, is even more tempting. So, move on with the link provided at the end of the review and get Plants Vs. Zombies free till 29th May 2014.

Get Free Plants vs. Zombies here.

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