Free Simpsons Game for iPad: Tapped Out

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Tapped Out is a Simpsons Game available on iPad for free. Play this building and strategy game based on The Simpsons TV Show for free on your iPad.

The game is based on original content by the writers and animators from The Simpsons. In this Simpsons game you have to build your own Springfield; because the Simpsons have destroyed it. Play this awesome Simpsons game on your iPad and iPhone for free.

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The Simpsons Game:

In this Simpsons game the homer was busy playing games in his iPad at work and caused a nuclear blast. The whole city got wiped out and now you have to guide him build the Springfield by playing in your iPad. Build the whole Springfield and expand it, find your neighbors, and family friends. Only requirement for this game is you need internet connection to play this game.

This Simpsons game is a simple building game and you will be guided all through the game. Most of it’s features are free and you can get donuts and virtual money for performing activities in the game. Just use these donuts and money to progress through the game. You can also visit others’ Springfield to gain experience and money. Just do activities and gain experience to level up. As you level up you will be assisted with more activities and you will get donuts for leveling up. Just collect the money and donuts from the buildings you have built and you will get experience for that also. Build houses, shops, plant trees, expand the area, and find your family members and neighbors.

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Features Of Simpsons Game for ipad:

  • First of all, such an awesome game is available for free.
  • Construct Springfield like you want. You can customize it whenever you want.
  • You will be guided at every step by the game itself.
  • You can have your own character collections like the Simpsons, Churchy Jones, Villains, and School Workers.
  • Make Apu work hard at the stores to earn more money.
  • Visit others’ Springfield to earn experience and collecting cash.
  • You can party, do work, and much more in the Springfield.
  • You can watch animated scenes just like in the long running famous comedy show The Simpsons.
  • Complete tasks to earn donuts.

simpsons game neighbor

No wonder this game is sponsored by Electronic Arts (EA) and The Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. The graphics and sound effects are awesome. Feels like you are in the cartoon show and performing activities in the Springfield. You can also try similar games like GodFather and 0 A.D.

Click here to download Tapped Out.

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