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slashRemindMe is a Twitter handle that can remind you of any tweet or anything else whenever you want. If there is a Twitter thread that you like, and would like to be reminded to check that thread after a certain period of time, you can just use this Twitter handle. The best part is that you don’t need to follow it, or give it any access to your Twitter account. You simply need to send it a tweet with the information about when you would like to be reminded, and it will do that!


How to Set Reminder for Any Tweet:

You can use slashRemindMe to be reminded of anything at anytime. But I personally feel that it is most useful to be reminded of any Twitter thread. For example, let’s say there is a Twitter thread about a new product launch that will happen after a few days, you can simply use slashRemindMe to get a reminder to check that thread at that time, so that you don’t miss the launch. Similarly, the uses can be immense.

To sent reminder on Twitter, just add @slashRemindMe to the thread that you want to be reminded of, alongwith date and time at which you want to be reminded. Here are a few sample formats:

  • @slashRemindMe 6pm
  • @slashRemindMe 21 Mar 2016 “ILoveFreeSoftware Rocks”

The first format will remind you at 6 PM. If you added that as a reply to a Twitter conversation, then reminder will come as a reply of that, so that you can quickly check the context of the reminder. In the second format, the reminder will also show the message that you included in double quotes. If you add any text before @slashRemindMe, it will be ignored.

This Twitter reminder tries to find your timezone from Twitter. In case it can’t, it uses UTC timezone. So, if you send a reminder for 2 PM, and it is not able to find a timezone for you, it will remind you at 2 PM UTC.

As I said, you just need to add this Twitter handle to a tweet to set the reminder. This means you can use it from any Twitter client that you already use, like, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite or even Hootsuite alternatives or TweetDeck Alternatives.

I really like the idea of this service, but it does seems to be a bit buggy as of new. The tweets sent from our official Twitter handle @ilovefreesw did not elicit much response, though I could see it sending reminders successfully to a few other tweets.

All in all, definitely worth a try :)

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