3 Similar Photo Finders to Find Similar Looking Photos

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Here are 3 free duplicate photo finders that can find similar looking photos. Instead of just finding those photos that are exactly same, these free similar photo finders go a step further and even find those photos that look similar. This helps you in removing the duplicate photos that you do not want, and keep just the best photos on your hard drive (of course, you can just upload those extra photos to free unlimited photo storage websites).



Visipics is one of the best similar looking photo finder that I have come across. It is extremely fast, is designed to use dual-core processors, and can find similar looking photos quite fast. Visipics starts showing you duplicates as it keeps finding them, so that you can work on them, without waiting for it to find all the duplicates.

Visipics also comes with a smart auto-select feature that makes it easy for you to select the photo to keep. It does this by selecting photo with a better resolution, or smaller file size, and more such features.

Visipics is a completely free duplicate photo finder, but is faster and better than most of the commercial similar looking photo finders.

Read more about Visipics, or download free here.

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Visual Search Pony

Visual Search Pony is another free similar looking photo finder. This free duplicate photo finder works quickly, and shows you all the similar looking photos. It can find similar looking photos even if they have different resolution, file size, or even file type. In some cases, it is able to find similarity between distorted photos as well.

Once it finds similar looking photos, it shows them in a list form, so that you can decide which photos to keep, and which photos to get rid of.

Read more about Visual Search pony, or download free here.

Duplicate Images Finder

Duplicate Images Finder is one of the easiest to use similar photo finder. You can specify the folder where you want to search for duplicate photos. It will then search for duplicate photos by file name, file size, and also by similarity between the files. This free duplicate photo finder can also search within the sub-folders in the folder that you specify.

Once it comes across some duplicate or similar photos group, it shows all the photos to you, and you can choose to delete the ones that you don’t want. It also reports percentage similarity between photos.

Duplicate Images Finder is easy to use, but can sometimes be slow. It takes almost 3 minutes to report first set of duplicates in a folder with 200 photos.

Read more about Duplicate Images Finder, or download free here.

If you are looking for a commercial product, you can check out Duplicate Photo Finder.

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