VisiPics: Freeware to Find Similar Looking Photos

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VisiPics is a free software that scans photos on your hard disk, and find duplicate photos. It not only find the photos that are exact copies, it can even find similar looking photos. If you saved a photo in a different format, or make minor cosmetic changes to that, VisiPics will be able to identify that these are actually multiple copies of the same photos!

I had recently reviewed a similar software called Duplicate Photo Finder. That software is not free. Rarst pointed out that VisiPics is a free software that does similar task as that paid software.

VisiPics is completely free, but still has features that are missing in many commercial software. VisiPics is also pretty fast in terms of scanning all your photos, and then identifying similar looking photos. If you need to find duplicate files on your hard disk, you can use Duplicate Cleaner, or Fast Duplicate File Finder.

VisiPics has been very carefully thought of. Here are some of the features that I really liked about VisiPics:

Shows Results as they come

If you are trying to scan through hundreds of photos. So, instead of waiting for the complete scan to complete, VisiPics will start showing you similar looking photos as it keeps coming across them. So, you can start organizing your duplicates, and VisiPics will keep scanning the remaining photos in the background.

Smart Auto-Select Mode

When you see two similar photos side by side, you might be confused as to which photo to keep, and which one to delete. VisiPics comes with a smart auto-select mode to assist you in that. VisiPics will auto-select the photo that has higher resolution, or space saving file type, or smaller file size, or all of the above.

Easy to Use Interface

It can become quite tricky working with such an advanced software. VisiPics comes with an easy to use interface that makes everything very intuitive. It shows similar looking photos side by side for easy comparison. All the settings are very easy to configure.

VisiPics is an amazing software, and I am really impressed by it. If you have lot of photos on your hard drive, I highly recommend you use this software to find duplicate copies of same photo. Love it!

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
Free/Paid: Free

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