5 Free Origami Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 origami apps for Android which you can use to find great origami creating advice, tips and tricks. Knowing how to create origami takes practice. Sometimes you also need a little bit of an inspiration to get an idea on what kind of origami shapes you’d like to create. Apps that I covered in the list down below can be used by both novices who are only getting started with origami, and also by the more advanced users to find new origami ideas.

Let’s look at these apps.

How to Make Origami

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Title of this app says it all what it’s about. How to Make Origami will help out everyone who’s interested in getting started with origami.

By default the app has a single origami lesson for each of the available categories, birds, boats, boxes and containers, clothes, flowers, Valentines day and more. There’s several dozens of additional lessons that you can download from the web. Each lesson has a step by step animated instructions on what needs to be done for a particular shape to be created.

Get How to Make Origami.

Origami Instructions Free

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Origami Instructions Free will help out both beginners who are just starting their origami adventures, but it can also give ideas to seasoned origami makers.

It has a great selection of shapes with step by step instructions on how to make them. Dozens of shapes are available like animals, Christmas decorations, boats, boxes, buildings, and more. Instructions are clear and concise with images that show what exactly needs to be done, see image above.

Get Origami Instructions Free.

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origami apps android 3

ORIGAMI MASTER is another origami instructional app, which has an intuitive browser, as you can see from the image above.

When I said that it has a nice browser, what I was referring to is that it has everything nicely grouped into 10 categories. Each category has about 5 shapes, some more, some less. When you select a category on the left, available shapes for that particular category will open up on the right. Tap on a shape opens up detailed, step by step instructions with images.


How to Make Origami Animals

origami apps android 4

How to Make Origami Animals is basically the same app as How to Make Origami, the first one from the list. It’s created by the same developer, the only difference is that this one focuses on animals.

There’s about 15 animal shapes that are available, jumping frog, elephant, giraffe, rabbits, dog, dinosaur, bats, rats, and more. Each one of the shapes has step by step animated instructions.

Get How to Make Origami Animals.

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origami apps android 5

Last app on this list isn’t an instructional origami app, but rather something that can help you enjoy playing with origami on your phone.

This is an origami folding game where you’re given a flat piece of paper and your goal is to fold the paper into the smaller shape that’s outlined with dotted lines, see image above. You’re limited with the number of folds and you need to fold at least 80% of the original flat piece of paper into the smaller shape to progress to the next level.

Get Paperama.


How to Make Origami apps, both of them, are very interesting to me, followed by ORIGAMI MASTER. Animated how to’s offered by How to Make Origami apps are very easy to follow, and they explain practically everything that you need to know to create a certain shape in detail. For some origami fun, there’s Paperama.

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