5 Free Websites To Learn Origami

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Origami, a Japanese art of paper-folding, is no doubt a very compelling and attractive craft. Those magical tricks origami artists do with paper are simply amazing. They make things that seem simply unrealistic in the first place (to an ignorant or novice like me). But, making those beautiful designs is not an easy task. It takes dedicated practice and hard work to master this art. So, to help you in this endeavour, I have come up with these 5 free websites that you can use to learn Origami. These websites contain step by step instructions and videos on how to make different designs. There are lots of Origami designs that you can learn on these websites.

Learn Origami Online

The 5 free websites to learn Origami that I have reviewed in this article are OrigamiTube, Origami Club, Origami-fun, Origami-Instructions.com, and Origami-make.com.



The first website to learn origami online is OrigamiTube. The website helps you in learning different Origami lessons by watching videos. There are different categories like Animals, Flowers, objects, and many more, that contain multiple videos for different Origami designs. You can select the design or shape you want to learn and watch its videos. The website also has a 3D origami category wherein, you can watch videos to make various 3D origami shapes. Apart from watching videos, you can also upload your own Origami videos on the website. You will have to create an account first, to use this feature. You can also create a group of unlimited members and upload your Origami videos online for others to watch and learn from.

Try OrigamiTube from here.

Origami Club:

Origami Club

Second website that you can use to learn Origami is Origami Club. This is a very simple website where you learn to make many different Origami designs and shapes. There are lots of different categories that aim to make you learn different and easy Origami shapes. Some of these categories are Animals, Fun, Clothes, Accessories, Halloween etc. Instead of showing just video tutorials, the website provides you two options: Diagram and Animation. If you choose to learn from a diagram, you will find a paper with detailed explanation or every step. Whereas, animation shows you step by step procedure, without any written material. The only drawback of this website is heavy advertisements. It looks so crowded that sometimes, you just fail to differentiate between ads and website content.

Try Origami Club here.



Another website to learn Origami is Origami-fun. It is very stylish website with beautiful interface and fonts. You will find a lot of Origami videos and instructions to learn from. New videos and Diagrams are uploaded from time to time. The website contains both videos and written instructions for different Origami shapes you would want to learn. There is a separate category for kids that contains instructions for some easy Origami styles. These written instructions are printable. You can print them in PDF format for free and practice them regularly. There is also a free eBook called Awesome Origami, that is available for free download on this website.

Try Origami-fun here.



This is my fourth choice for you to learn Origami. Origami-Instructions.com is a very simple website with a sober looking interface. You will find lots of Origami diagrams divided into well-defined categories. The website has a very wide range of diagrams and you get to learn both by reading step by step instructions and by watching videos. The good thing about instructions on this website is that, every instruction comes with an image of how to perform that step. It helps in understanding instructions more clearly. Unfortunately, these detailed instructions are not available for download.

Try Origami-Instructions.com here.



My fifth and final choice to learn Origami is Origami-make.com. This again, is a very simple website with very detailed and step by step instructions. You get to learn both 2D and 3D origami on this website. The different categories are like easy origami, Traditional Origami, Origami Box, Origami star, and many more. You just have to select one diagram and learn how to draw it. Every single step is explained in detail, on different pages. This is a good thing as you can switch to any page at any given point of time.

Try Origami-make.com here.

Try out all these websites and become a master at origami. Give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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