5 Best Free Apps to Listen to Podcasts on Android

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Here is a list of 5 Best Free Apps to Listen to Podcasts on Android. These apps allow you to listen to online podcasts on your Android device. Most of these apps let you listen to live podcasts, while also allowing you to save them offline if needed. You can also tweak them so that they will download any new podcasts from a website you follow, in the background. Feature-rich? A simple interface? Whatever you wish for, this list can cater to all kinds of tastes when it comes to apps for listening Podcasts on Android. Scroll down to check them out!

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1. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is one of the most feature-rich apps for listening to Podcasts on Android devices. The app, although a bit clumsy in terms of interface, lets you add and manage podcasts with ease. The best part is, that you can access all podcasts from iTunes as well! Audio and Video, all kind of podcasts are supported in the app, and you can search for specific websites, and can curate them based on the type of content on the app’s main screen easily. Podcast Addict also has a Download manager and ‘Download unread‘ functionality to make listening to podcasts on Android devices extremely convenient. The player screen is intuitive as well, and you also get to tweak the sound output with equalizers. Get it for free from the Play Store to try it out yourself.

2. Podcast Republic

Podcast Republic

A neater interface and all features on your fingertips for listening to Podcasts on Android devices: that’s what Podcast Republic offers! Open the app and you will be welcomed with a screen listing all the popular sources. You can subscribe to any of them with a swipe from the right screen edge.  You can then jump to your Subscriptions section, and tap on any of the episodes. You will be asked whether you want to download or play it directly. You will also notice that the mini-player is accessible anywhere from the bottom of the screen. Podcast Republic is a free, ad-supported app.

3. Stitcher Radio


Stitcher Radio is another app dedicated to listening podcasts on Android. Stitcher Radio has fewer options for managing podcast subscriptions, and focuses on providing you news instead. So, it will greet you with all the trending News and headlines as you open it. You can tap on any one of them to start playing. You can also add it as a favorite by tapping on the ‘+‘ on the player screen. Stitcher also supports the creation of custom playlists, combined from several sources at one place. Go ahead and give it a try. You can also check out the detailed review here.

4. Podkicker Podcast Player


Podkicker is a simple, efficient, and intuitive app for listening to Podcasts. There’s a simple Search tool, and sections dedicated to your subscriptions and Discovery. Adding new podcasts is extremely simple, and just requires a few steps. The Podcast player appears as an overlay near the bottom edge, and expands a bit when tapped upon (see the second screenshot above). As you add newer subscriptions, they will appear on the main screen of the app and will show you all the episodes when opened.

 5. Podcast HD

Podcast HD

This, probably, is as simple as it can get. Podcast HD delivers Podcasts on Android: nothing more, nothing less. Open up the app, and you will be shown different categories. You can then easily jump into any one of the categories to see different Podcast sources. Just open up any source and then tap on any podcast to start playing! Podcast HD doesn’t have any Subscription option, but you can easily add specific Podcasts as bookmarks. You can choose to play a podcast, or download it for listening later. Podcast HD is available for free, and is ad-supported.

Alright guys! You have reached the end of this list of 5 Best Free Apps to Listen to Podcasts on Android. You can add your comments below if you think I missed an app or two, which deliver Podcasts on Android more efficiently.

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