Media Player that Streams Internet Radio and Music: z33k

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z33k is a freeware that presents you media player that streams internet radio and music. The application uses the extensive Dilandau and MP3Skull databases to search and play music.

More and more people are opting to listen to music online due to the large variety available on the web. Finding a site which can allow you to listen to mp3 music for free is next to impossible. This is where z33k steps in.

Features of this free media player

z33k media player has quite a number of interesting features.

The online media player which lets you search for your favourite music on two of the largest mp3 databases on the internet. Once you have located the song you are looking for, you can choose to either play it from the web or download for later use.

The player also supports online radio. All you have to do is search your favourite radio station and start listening. Online radio can be searched by name or by genre making it easier to find a station of your liking. Users can also maintain a playlist of your favorite online station. A music identification feature is added to the radio feature. The track identification feature allows you to download track information of any track playing. Finding the right radio station is made more interesting by the reverse search. Once you have an mp3 playing you can search for radio playing the song and listen to it.

z33k is a standalone application which can also run from cloud services like DropBox. When running on a cloud service you can easily share and download media to your mobile device.

How to use this media player

The program is very portable and requires no installation. The interface is very simple and well arranged. It however lacks a maximize button and cannot be resized. The icons are not labelled and you will take sometime before you figure out what each of them does. To play online mp3 enter a valid track name or artist name and hit Enter.


Search results are listed in large white space. You can select a file to play by double clicking on your preferred result. Media player control are just like you find in an ordinary player except for the reload button. Selected files can be downloaded using the download button which is the last button on the left. The star button is the playlist button which you can use to add, edit and load playlists. Next to it is the online radio button which you can use to search for radio stations. Databases to search from can be modified on the combo box at the bottom middle. You can donate to the cause by clicking on the PayPal button.



The program is very responsive and very fast. The search feature is great and very accurate but there is nothing to inform you when your search did not yield any results. Audio quality is great and all controls work perfectly. The user interface would be more user friendly with the presence of tooltips, labelled buttons and a progress bar . Downloads were lightening fast and were of great quality but once again you are not informed on the status of the download. The name is quite unique but could be mistaken for malware. A provision for either offline or online help should be availed.


I get the feeling that you will learn to live with theses minor imperfections and enjoy the great features z33k offers.

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