Siphon: Sync Firefox Extension Across Multiple Computers

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Siphon is a free Firefox extension to synchronize firefox addons across different computers. With Siphon Firefox addon synchronizer, you can ensure that you have same set of addons  on multiple computers.

It’s meant for the Firefox users who use more than one system. You might be using certain set of addons on particular machine and you may want to use the same set in other machines too. With the help of Siphon you can easily manage all these addons effectively.

Apart from that, it can also generate a list of add ons that are installed on your Firfox, for your referencess. However one thing should be kept in mind that only the list of addons is exported to the other systems, not the settings or other changes you have made on the preference of those addons. It has no connection with syncing user data whatsoever; just that it keeps the list of addons on the server which can be easily downloaded on another machine. With Siphon all you do is to create a fine list of addons which can be used across the systems.


You need to register online first. Once after registering login into your account and start enlisting the addons you want. You can delete all those addons you don’t want. This compiled list can be used on every other system.

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Coming to using the same set of addons on the other systems, upon starting the Firefox you have to login using the same user id and password. Once after login in you will be able to access the saved addons list and you will find a ‘sync’ checkbox next to it. Check the checkboxes to choose the addons you want to use on that machine. After selecting you might press the ‘Synchronize Now’ button below it and it will be synchronized right away. You will be free to use all the addons from then onwards.

I recently reinstalled my OS, and forgot to capture the list of my Firfox addons before reinstall. I wish I had discovered this software earlier :) Download Siphon.

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