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Update 2022: This software no longer exists. Try some other alternative now.

Platform Studio is free game creator software which lets you create games, share and play studio quality games. Now create your own 2D games with this game studio which are effective and result of your creation. Like other game creators we mentioned earlier, Platform Studio does not need any programming, and you can visually create any 2-D game easily.

If you are student or new to game development or interested professional in creating effective 2D games than Platform Studio freeware is just for you. Create games that are not limited and easy to create and fun to play.

Platform Studio

Five main reasons you should use Platform Studio for studio quality games:

  • It is quick to create games with this application and you don’t waste time in technicalities behind game development
  • Game development can be as fun as gaming!
  • It is not at all complicated
  • The use and features of application is not limited
  • It focuses on platform and side scrolling gaming more

Game development is sometimes tedious work because it involves coding and other technical stuff. But with Platform Studio there is no need for you to know technical things before creating game for yourself or if you are planning to seek career in game development. Create effective and fun platform based games with this application with little basic knowledge and enjoy the benefits extended by this software.

Other game creators we reviewed earlier include: Construct, Kodu, and Microsoft XNA Game Studio.

Below are its key features:

  • Create platform based and 2D games
  • Very easy to use
  • No coding knowledge required
  • The package will teach you basic programming methodology
  • The kit includes sample games for your convenience
  • Not only create, but share and play games with your friends using Platform Studio
  • Sell your game and earn money while playing!

When you install application, it doesn’t only provide software installation, but it also includes game files. Whereby, you can see sample games created by this freeware to give you glimpse of what exactly you going to make and how will it look like. The application is very easy to use and explaining few basic things is also done by this very software. So you get everything about game development in this very package without hunting for lessons on the web.

The sample games in the package are not only for you to preview but it also inspires you to take step ahead and create more interesting games with Platform Studio and spread it among your friends. You can share your games created and also sell them and make some good money. This is very common today, to develop games that are fun and sell them in the market and meanwhile you can earn good fortune with lots of fun, as Platform Studio provides you hassle free programming and game development.

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