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2BizBox A2 is a free ERP software that can be used by small and medium businesses in order to keep track of their resources and inventory, in other words to keep track of and manage their property. 2BizBox would be ERP software, ERP stands for enterprise resource planning and it’s the best way to describe what exactly 2BizNox is and does. It can help enterprises to get a handle on their resources through the utilization of various tools that 2BizBox has to offer.

2BizBox A2 default window

As you can see from the image above 2BizBox is a very powerful business software that has a lot of different options. Just a casual browse of the menu tab at the top of the application will allow you to better understand what exactly this free ERP software does. Each one of the options in the 2BizBox menu is basically a division of a company, well majority of them are, we have:

  • Sales
  • Warehouse
  • Accounting
  • Security
  • Engineering
  • Documents
  • Control Panel
  • System
  • Address Book

Some of the menu options are application specific, but other like accounting, sales, and warehouse are very important parts that make a company and with 2BizBox you get a software which can satisfy all of the needs that enterprises which are just starting have.

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How does 2BizBox free ERP software work?

Since this ERP freeware has a lot of different features we’re only gonna focus on the general explanation of how it works. 2BizBox comes in two parts, there’s 2BizBox Server and there’s also the 2BizBox Client. What you see on the image above would be the Client app. Server basically runs as a service and it’s job is to hold and allow access to all the data which is stored in databases.

After installing the application the server app will automatically configure everything that’s needed for the basic business startup. Client application will ask you for username and password when first starting up, leave everything like it is, click Login and start exploring 2BizBox.

2BizBox A2 accounting workflow

What you see above is the Accounting Box, which is an overview of everything related to Accounting that 2BizBox has to offer. The work flow of options and data is nicely pointed out with arrows, so that you know from which category you can transfer a certain account data for further processing. Same thing is done for every component of this free ERP software, this below is for example Warehouse Box. Here we have “boxes” important for keeping track of inventory and storage all nicely laid out for us to use.

2BizBox A2 warehouse workflow

2BizBox A2 and ERP, the differences and conclusions:

Financial software solution that we’ve tested today is 2BizBox A2, which is a Lite version of this enterprise resource planning application. There is also 2BizBox ERP, which is more advanced, it has manufacturing module also included for those companies that are producing goods, instead of just services. Amazing thing about 2BizBox is that it’s completely free, both of the versions are free. This can drastically decrease costs, because software is a major investment for every company which is just opening its doors, and with 2BizBox you can avoid these costs, if you’re starting up a bushiness of your own and you’re looking for software to use, definitely have a look at 2BizBox.

Editor Ratings:
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