Pinball Game For Windows 10: Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition

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Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition is a free pinball game app for Windows 10 devices which allows you to play pinball on your device. The game is a bit heavy on size, but promises an action packed pinball game adventure that you can accomplish on your device when you have nothing else to do. The game is designed in a 3D style and keeps you glued for hours on end. The game links up with your Xbox Live account and allows you to sync all your achievements online with your Xbox account so even when you switch devices, you can keep all your achievements and retain your bragging rights in front of your friends.

Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition is available for free from the Windows App Store.


The controls of the game are better illustrated in this one screenshot attached below.

Pinball FX2 Windows 10 controls

The main aim of the game is to control the flippers to keep the ball on the board and to prevent it from hitting the ditch at the bottom center of the screen.

Features of Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition:

When you run the game on your device you will first be asked to enter your age. When you have done that you will be taken to the main interface of the game itself where you will be logged in automatically with your Microsoft Xbox account. Now, you will be taken to the screen where you can select the board with which you wish to play.

Pinball FX2 Windows 10 edition main screen

From the vast list of boards when you have made your selection, you will be taken to the gameplay screen. This starts with a video of the gameplay board itself.

Pinball FX2 Windows 10 game intro

The video details the game board in a zoomed in mode. The video plays for as long as you don’t launch the ball in a continuous loop. You may launch the ball via the Enter button.

Pinball FX2 Windows 10 gameplay

The gameplay is shown in the screen above. For the most part, you will only be using the left and right flippers on the game board which can be controlled via the right and left shift buttons on your keyboard. For other controls you may refer to the controls section at the beginning of the article. The game can also be paused via the Esc. key. Once the game is complete, i.e., you have run out of balls, you will be shown your score.

Pinball FX2 Windows 10 score

This is basically a wrap of the main features of Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition.

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The verdict:

Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition is a great game for Windows 10 devices which allows you to have a gala time playing pinball on your device. You can grab it from the link below.

Get Pinball FX2 Windows 10 Edition.

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