Free Strategy Game For Windows 10: Pirates Of Everseas

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Pirates of Everseas is a free strategy game app for Windows 10. The game allows you to play as pirates who have to raid and destroy other kingdoms, build your own city and pave your way to glory. The game has incredibly smooth graphics all throughout and makes for a good pastime game. This game is similar in style and in line with the concept of other strategy games, and in this game as well, the entire gameplay is based solely on mouse clicks and interactions. The game is slightly on the heavier side, so weigh in your other strategy game options before you give it a shot.

Pirates of Everseas for Windows 10 is available for free from the Windows App Store.Pirates of Everseas place objects

Storyline of Pirates of Everseas for Windows 10

Pirates of Everseas doesn’t really have a set storyline to it, but it does have objective driven tasks. To sum up the game, it basically involves building up your own empire and setting up attacks to the enemy cities. You have to loot and raid as much as you can, and with this loot you can set up various buildings to better up your chances of growth and survival in the game.

Design of the Pirates Of Everseas

Windows 10 version of Pirates Of Everseas when launched on your device will present you with a screen which will instantly tell you how good this game’s graphics really are. The game has cute little cartoony characters who are interactive and will tell you what to do at various stages of the game. The game makes for a perfect companion for kids who are new to the strategy concept of games as they will thoroughly enjoy the cute graphics of the game and have a lot of fun while playing the game.

Salient features of this game

  • The game is a bit heavy on size. You may pass on it if download size is your concern.
  • The game’s graphics are amazing for the concept and are cute at that.
  • The sound scheme is good, and you may want to consider connecting external speakers to your device if you want to fully enjoy immersive sound experience of the game.
  • The game is based on the strategy game concept.
  • The game also provides push notifications when closed – this allows you to keep track of the game progress even when closed.
  • Pirates of Everseas is an excellent companion for your boredom, it allows you to pass time while keeping your brain cells at work. You will love it if you love strategy games.

System architectures supported by Pirates of Everseas

  • The game runs on Windows 10 devices.
  • The game supports neutral, x86, x64 and ARM system architectures.
  • The game needs internet connection to sync progress on its servers.

Main features of Pirates of Everseas for Windows 10

The game is installed easily by heading into the Windows 10 App Store and downloading and installing it. When launched, the game presents you the below shown interface.Pirates of Everseas main screenAs can be predicted, the above interface doubles up as the game’s loading/splash screen. It can be called the loading screen as you can see the progress of game’s load up in the load bar at the bottom of the screen. Once all loaded up, you can see the main interface. The main interface, or the gameplay zone as I would like to call it, starts up with a cute little tutorial if it is the first time of you playing the game on your device. This can be seen below.Pirates of Everseas game introduction

The cute little cartoon girl will tell you the brief introduction to the game, and will also open up a small tutorial of the game where you will be able to understand the game better. The tutorial of the game can be seen below. In the tutorial, small guide arrows act as indicators to show you which button does what exactly. The screenshot below shows the guide arrow pointed at the Objectives button in the top left corner of the screen (see the yellow arrow marker).Pirates of Everseas guide arrowsThe objectives button pulls up the tasks at hand which need to be accomplished. See below for details of how it works.Pirates of Everseas objectivesYou can similarly access the build menu from the Build button at the bottom left of the screen. The build menu is shown below.Pirates of Everseas build stuffYou may click on an item in the build menu to place it onto the gameplay zone. When you have successfully placed the item, you can then watch the item being built up. The build up process can be sped up by means of using gems and coins that you earn in the game.

To sum up in one sentence, just keep a track on your objectives from the Objectives button, and accomplish all the tasks according to the list of objectives displayed to you – this is the only way to progress in the game and level up. Talking about leveling up, the game displays when you have leveled up to you when you in a neat manner.Pirates of Everseas level upThat winds up the main features of Pirates of Everseas!

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Pros of Pirates of Everseas

  • The game has good graphics.
  • The game has an excellent sound scheme.
  • The game supports both touch as well as non touch devices.
  • The control of the game is easy – all it needs is mouse clicks to control the various aspects of the game.

Cons of Pirates of Everseas

  • The game size is huge, weighs in at almost 400MB.
  • The game might lag on systems without an external graphics card.
  • The game takes up a lot of RAM when running.
  • There is no way to turn off the push notifications – the push notifications might get annoying at times when you are working on important stuff.

The verdict

Pirates of Everseas is a great strategy game app for Windows 10 devices which make it a great download for all devices with Windows 10. If you are a fan of strategy games, I am sure that you will love it for all of its neat features. The cute cartoon characters are sure to make this game a hit among kids too!

I rate this game a 4 out of 5.

Get Pirates of Everseas for Windows 10.

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