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Silly Twitter Bios is a fun website which allows you to generate a totally random, silly bios for yourself. Bios as we social network users know is the short description you write about yourself for others to see. Its short for biography. Most of the times people find themselves wondering what to write when they reach this particular bios field in Twitter or any other social network. In case you find yourself updating your Twitter bios and are unable to decide what to write, then give this website a try. It is ridiculously funny and generates hilarious bios for you.

You can even read random bios on the website just for fun. I have to admit when I try to update my bios on any website, I struggle with it. Usually I am not sure what to write or how to describe myself. I often find myself copying my bios from one website to another. I even worry about sounding repetitive to my friends, which is obviously what they notice sooner or later. The question I often get from my friends is how can you be a blogger and not find words to describe yourself. I guess everyone is not so articulate when it comes to their own self. I find myself writing long articles on various software and iPhone apps without a problem. But when I have to update my bios I feel as if it should be funny and catchy, so people don’t get bored reading it. Several weird ideas go through my mind and then I just decide to keep it simple by copying my old bios from another website.

But after seeing this website all I could think was maybe I can use this random hilarious bios as my bios. Well jokes apart, when you open up the website all you will see is a single page which looks like the below screenshot.

silly twitter bios

Now all you have to do on this page is click on the Generate button and you will get a brand new randomly generated Twitter bios. You can use it in your own profile if you like it or you can just read it for the amusement it provides.

The Tweet button you see on the page is for tweeting about this website and letting your friends know about it via your Twitter account. The like button is to like the webiste via Facebook. Both of these would require you to log in to your account and then post it for your friends to see. Permalink is a permanent link for the generted bios. If you have this link then you can access this bio anytime using the link.

You can also check out how to insert symbols in Twitter and how to hear Twitter tweets.

There is nothing else to this website apart from this one page. But I decided to write about it for the pure fun it provided me. The Twitter bios generated were hilarious and made me laugh. So in case you want to read some amusing Twitter bios then definitely try this website out.

Checout Silly Twitter Bios here.

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