Add Symbols, Special Characters to Tweets Using Twipstr

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Twipstr is a multiplatform desktop app that lets you post tweets in a fun way by adding symbols and special characters. It provides multiple tabs and each tab contains plenty of symbols which you can use and add to your tweets accordingly. Twipstr helps you to enhance your tweets and also provides the facility to post tweets to your Twitter timeline directly from its interface. Another benefit of using this app is that it lets you shorten the URL which you want to add (if any) on your tweet.

Other than this, you can add your own symbols and can even edit available symbols. Thus it gives you the opportunity to build your own symbols which also helps to explore your creativity. All of its benefits are completely free to use. You can run this cross-platform app on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Twipstr_main interface

In above screenshot, you can see main interface of Twipstr where it provides bunch of special characters and symbols in different tabs. Once you will authorize this app to your Twitter account, you will be able to use it. At the right side on its interface, you can write and view your tweets using these symbols.

Moreover, at the bottom right corner on its interface, there are options available to add image (jpg/gif/png) and shorten the URL (if any) which you want to post with your tweet. You can also view number of characters used by you on POST Tab. Write your tweet, enhance it with desired symbols & characters, and post it to your Twitter timeline using POST tab.

Twipstr_post tweets in fun way

Download, Install Twipstr, and Post Tweets In Fun Way:

You can use the download link available below in this article. This app requires java installed on your PC (for Windows) to run it successfully. So if you don’t have java installed, then you have to first install it. Download link for java is also available on download page of Twipstr. Install java, download Twipstr and then you can double-click executable jar file of Twipstr to run it.

Immediately when you will run it, a small “Twipstr::Authorize” window will open up along with Twitter webpage with your default browser. Here, you need to sign in so that you can authorize this app. After authorizing this app, you will get the unique authorization code. This authorization code you have to enter on Twipstr Authorize window so that you can open & use main interface of Twipstr.


Some Key Features Present In Twipstr:

  • A simple and useful app that lets you write tweets in fun way using special characters and symbols.
  • You can customize (edit) preset symbols or can add your own new symbols.
  • You can post tweets directly from its interface.
  • URL shortener available.
  • Executable application which doesn’t require installation.
  • Free of cost for everyone.

We have also reviewed Twitter Symbol which is a similar web app to add symbols and characters to tweets.


Twipstr is really a handy app if you have got bored with simple tweets. You can write tweets in a more enhanced way using Twipstr and can post them directly from its interface. Try this app out.

Get Twipstr free.

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