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DFM2HTML is a free website design software for generating sophisticated web sites with minimum effort. It is a drag and drop HTML editor with DHTML menu designer. Effects like anti aliasing, shadow, rounded corner can be freely combined. It comes with many templates and contains wide variety of mouse over buttons. HTML forms and HTML frames are best supported.

DFM2HTML is a useful simple to use professional HTML editor application. User in a flexible way can handle images and layers. It can be used a powerful image editor. You can apply colors, gradient and edges to any image. Images can be specified as background or foreground, titled or stretched. You can also make any object 100% transparent.


DFM2HTML is an object oriented program which means to design a website you need objects. The background of website acts like a base layer on which new layers are built in the form of panels, label, images, link etc. Sophisticated websites can be composed within minutes. You can create web pages in any language with new Unicode feature.

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Some of the features of DFM2HTML free website design software are:

  • Style sheet based design.
  • Manage many HTML pages in one design.
  • Graphical effects can be made like anti aliasing, shadow, glow, round corners.
  • HTML forms can be made.
  • Unicode, PHP, JavaScript menus, RGB colors etc.

With the help of DFM2HTML you can create new style out of any object you like by simply cutting, copying or by pasting that object in that style sheet.  And when new object is created, you can tell DFM2HTML to use any of the styles in any of your embedded style sheet. You can base a style on another style. And in fact that style can be further based with many other different styles. So change in one style will affect all other styles in the chain.

Another feature oh DFM2HTML is nested structure by which you can move from one object to another. With this application it is capable of handling extremely powerful websites. The files produced by DFM2HTML are produced in XML format; they can be edited in any text editor, which means you can clean them when required. It is stable and reliable application though it is not free from bugs.

So check the exciting features of simple to use website design software DFM2HTML to generate your own sophisticated websites, with minimum effort by just drag and drop HTML editor. If you like working on PHP, you can use PHP IDE and PHP Debugger.

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