5 Material Design Wallpaper Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 material design wallpaper apps for Android which you can use to find material design wallpapers for the home screen of your smartphone or tablet. Latest version of Android, Android Lollipop has been shipped with a set of material design wallpapers, so if you’ve come into contact with Android L in its pure form, you’ve seen material design wallpapers.

Apps from the list down below can help you get you hands on similarly designed wallpapers.

Material Wallpapers(Android L) by Harsh

material design wallpaper apps for Android 1

Material Wallpapers is wallpaper app devoted to material design wallpapers that are similar to, or you could say practically the same as, to the ones that can be found in Android L.

Wallpapers can be set for every major launcher. After tapping on the app icon, standard wallpaper selector comes up, see image above. When you find a wallpaper that you like, tap on the Set wallpaper button and it will become the active homescreen wallpaper.

Get Material Wallpapers(Android L).

Material Wallpapers by Skvere

material design wallpaper apps for Android 2

Material Wallpapers by Skvere works just like the previously mentioned material design wallpaper app, only this one brings a different, more modern I would say, selection of wallpapers.

They are also grouped according to color. Swipe from left will bring up the sidebar selector which you can use to switch between wallpaper colors. Dozens of wallpapers that follow material design are available for each color.

Get Material Wallpapers.

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Android L (Lolipop) Wallpapers

material design wallpaper apps for Android 3

Android L (Lolipop) Wallpapers brings another unique selection of wallpapers based around material design that the aforementioned fifth incarnation of Android is offering.

Wallpaper selector is the same kind of selector that can be found in the material wallpaper app by Harsh, first one from the list. 10 original Android L wallpapers are available plus 15 additional ones that follow material design themes.

Get Android L (Lolipop) Wallpapers.

Tapet – HD Material Wallpapers

material design wallpaper apps for Android 4

Tapet, on the other hand, is an automatic wallpaper generator including material design ones. You can either pick a randomly generated wallpaper and set it manually or you can let the app take care of it automatically. By automatically, I mean that the app can generate a wallpaper for you on an hourly or daily basis so that your phone can have a new look every day.

The best part about the wallpapers that are created is they fit your devices screen resolution perfectly. Another good feature is that the app is low on CPU or memory consumption which is something we all worry about when downloading an app.

Get Tapet – HD Material Wallpapers.

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Material Design Live Wallpaper

material design wallpaper apps for Android 5

Material Design Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper centered around material design.

There’s 10 different themes for you to select. Wallpaper becomes “live” when you move your phone around. It uses the gyroscope to pan the wallpaper as the phone is moved. Sensitivity can be set in the wallpaper settings.

Get Material Design Live Wallpaper.


Tapet is my favorite material design wallpaper app from the ones listed above, followed closely behind by Material Wallpapers by Skvere. I like Tapet because it can create high-resolution wallpapers that fit your device perfectly and lets you like or dislike them. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment in the comment section down below.

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