Free Websites to Find Science Activities for School Kids

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Parents always worry about their child’s studies. Hence, they are actively looking for new things to teach their kids. So today I have two websites that offer free science activities for school kids.

The projects are easy and fun. Therefore, children like doing this stuff. And they learn good things easily. The activities and projects are teacher-tested and simple. Thus, the kids like doing them. These websites are one of the best ways to keep your child engaged in thought-provoking activities. Because they give practical and hands-on experience of the classroom concepts. Moreover, the activities are affordable and easy to execute. And the websites have activities for both junior grades and senior grade students.

Websites to Find Science Activities for School Kids

Science Snacks:

Science Snacks by Exploratorium is a free online tool that provides easy science activities. There are many activities for different age groups. You just need to visit the website. Do it by clicking on the name at the beginning of this paragraph. Then scroll down to see the list of science activities. Select any activity from there. And if you don’t like the activity, then you can click upon the “See all Science Snacks” button and find more activities. The screenshot given below shows the activities:

science snack activities

Pick any activity you like from there and click on it. Then you will be taken to another page. Where you will see:

  • Activity in Brief: You will see a brief description and information about the activity.
  • Tools & Materials Required: This section shows the list of tools and materials required for this activity.
  • Instructions: Then comes thorough instructions about the activity and its procedure. Instructions include what to do, how to do it, what to observe, what are the results, and what is happening there.

All the other knowledge and further experiments are also available on this description page. The following screenshot shows the same:

science snack description

Hacking STEM:

Hacking STEM by Microsoft is a free online tool to get easy science activities for kids. The activities are very simple and easy to do. And they are also very budget-friendly too. Hacking STEM also allows you to download the instructions and other study material. All you have to do is to visit the website by clicking on the link given at the start of this paragraph. Then scroll down and go through the list of activities. There is a screenshot below that depicts the same:

Hacking stem activities

All the activities on the page have some tiny details, which are:

  • Time Required: It will show the time required in doing this activity.
  • Cost: This will tell you the approximate cost of doing this activity. This cost doesn’t include tools.
  • Age or Standard: The age or class for which this activity is.

Then click on the ‘Go to lesson page‘ button, and you will be taken to another page. And here you will see the description of the activity and the download links for instructions, workbook, etc. The description page looks like this:

Hacking stem description

Final note:

Both of the tools added to this list are very helpful. Parents and teachers can use these tools to teach their students. They are simple and easy. And Hacking STEM even allows you to download the projects, which is a good thing. And they are free to use.

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