5 Free DeviantArt Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 DeviantArt apps for Android. With the apps listed down below you can access your DeviantArt profile, browse content shared by other people and in general just have a presence on DeviantArt when using your hand-held devices. For those who aren’t familiar with DeviantArt, it’s a website where graphical designers and artists of all shapes and sizes can come, view, comment and share their work with the world. It’s basically a social network for graphical artists.


DeviantArt is the official app published by the team behind DeviantArt themselves. It comes with a lot of functionalities, including the ability to login in order to access your profile.

deviantart apps android 1

Logging in is possible, but it isn’t necessary to access and browse through everything that DeviantArt has to offer. There are quick tabs at the top where you can keep track of today’s postings, what’s currently trending, undiscovered postings, daily deviations, explore art postings by category and ultimately there’s a search tool that you can use to find what’s you’re interested more easily.

Get DeviantArt.

Deviantart Mobile View

Deviantart Mobile View works more like a web browser devoted specifically to DeviantArt. It has all the same quick access tabs at the top, and the main categories (digital art, traditional art, photography, etc) can be accessed as a sidebar on the left.

deviantart apps android 2

Interface isn’t custom made, but rather it’s just the mobile version of the DeviantArt website, so all the same functionalities that the mobile website has will also be available here.

Get Deviantart Mobile View.

Also have a look at Free Windows 8 Photo App for DeviantArt: PicTRO.

DeviantART (unofficial)

DeviantART is the unofficial DeviantArt app, which, to tell you the truth, just very well might be better than the official app if you’re looking for simplicity.

deviantart apps android 3

The app doesn’t have any kind of complicated browsing (like reading text posts, comments, logins, etc.), it only displays submissions for each of the dozens of design categories that are available. App has a very minimalistic interface and that’s what makes it very interesting.

Get DeviantART (unofficial).

WhatsArt – DeviantArt Mobile

WhatsArt is a great combination of the simplicity that the previously mentioned unofficial DeviantArt app is offering and the more advanced features of the official app.

deviantart apps android 4

The interface is also much more intuitive than the one found in both of the previously mentioned DeviantArt apps for Android. First thing that you’ll see after running WhatsArt is a long list of all the images from the DeviantArt homepage. Category filtering and find tool are available. You can login to your account and there’s even an integrated support for sharing images you like via WhatsApp (hence the app name).

Get WhatsArt – DeviantArt Mobile.

Also have a look at Official DeviantArt App for iPhone: DeviantArt.

iDeviant – DeviantArt browser

iDeviant again surprised me at how great all the different parts of DeviantArt are integrated into it.

deviantart apps android 5

Search, comments, user profile browsing, category browser, find tool, login, everything is available. After running the app, you’ll be given a menu where you’ll need to pick how you want to browse DeviantArt.

Get iDeviant – DeviantArt browser.


If I have to give my opinion on which app I would use from the ones listed above it would have to be either iDeviant or WhatsArt. They are quite impressive, although if you want to use the official app, that’s OK too. Let me know what you think in comments down below.

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