5 Doorbell Prank Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 doorbell prank apps for Android which are going to simulate the doorbell sound so that you can try and prank your friends, family and loved ones. Pranking people is fun, let’s face it. There are dozens of very popular YouTube channels devoted entirely to pranking. Pranks found there are usually very extreme, some even life threatening, the complete opposite of what we’re going to be talking today.

Let’s look at these apps below.

Doorbell Pro

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Doorbell Pro comes with 4 different types of doorbells, standard, grandmas bell, scary and fancy. You can switch between them using buttons located in the corners at the bottom of the screen.

Each one of the doorbell sounds has a special image assigned to it that changes as you change the doorbell type using buttons down below. Tap on the doorbell image activates the sound. Make sure to have your speaker volume set to full when pranking someone, for maximum effect.

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Doorbell Prank

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Doorbell Prank only has one doorbell sound in its database, and it’s the very popular, ding-dong sound that’s used on millions of doors around the world.

Sound quality is really good, even when the device volume isn’t maxed out, so the chances of someone falling for the fake doorbell sound are quite good. Again just tap on the screen to play the doorbell. Small drawback of this app is the fact that you need to restart it to ring the fake doorbell again, but it’s more a nuisance than anything else really.

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Door Bell by Broken Droid

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Door Bell by Broken Droid has quite the collection of doorbell sounds. Eight of them are available. They can be changed using the “Change Tones” button, just underneath the main doorbell button.

Separate volume slider is also included to make it easy to control the volume of the selected doorbell from within the app. Tap on the doorbell image to play the doorbell sound.

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Doorbell by Wind Solutions

doorbell prank apps android 4

Doorbell by Wind Solutions is simplistic, with just one doorbell sound available for the would be pranksters to use.

App doesn’t have any kind of special functionalities, just an image of a doorbell that sounds off after you tap on it. What makes Doorbell by Wind Solutions interesting is the fact that the doorbell is very responsive. Other doorbell prank apps played the sound kinda sluggishly, but with Doorbell I could tap on the bell repeatedly and it would play the sound every time, as fast as I tapped on the image, just like real doorbells would.

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Also, have a look at Free Android Prank App to Play Annoying Sounds: Hertzier.

Home Doorbells

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Home Doorbells again offers selection of eight doorbells that cover all the more popular types of doorbell sounds.

To play a sound just tap on the bell icon on the left. Sound quality is good, although some of the doorbells are quiet so they are not easy to hear with volume set to low.

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Door Bell by Broken Droid and Doorbell by Wind Solutions are my favorites. First has lots of different types of doorbells, while the other one has just 1 which sounds great and works fast. You can’t really go wrong no matter which one you choose, so pick one and start pranking away.

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