Free Android Prank App to Play Annoying Sounds: Hertzier

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Hertzier is a free Android prank app to play annoying sounds to annoy anyone around you. The app can prove to be a real entertainer when you are with your friends or with the family at home. The app includes sounds of different frequencies, ranging from low to high. In terms of numbers, app includes frequencies ranging from 5 Hz to 26 MHz.

The app has Repeller category in which it includes frequency of those ranges which are used as Mosquito and Dog repeller. It means you can even use this app to do some useful work as well apart from just playing pranks on others.


Using Android Prank App to Play Annoying Sounds:

The app has a simple and easy to navigate interface with no need of any registration. Launch the app and you will see the interface shown below. Here, there are two main categories: Start and Repeller.

Hertzier Interface

Tap on Start and you will see 6 categories of sounds: Light, Heavy, Very Heavy, Very Light, Are You Mad?, and Hearing Test. Among these, the last 3 categories are a part of paid upgrade.

Sound Level Frequency

These categories have following sound frequencies for you to annoy others:

  • Light: It includes sound frequencies inthe  range of 5 Hz to 8.5 Hz.
  • Heavy: It includes sound frequencies in the range of 1 Hz to 4.5 Hz.
  • Very Heavy: It includes sound frequencies in the range of 200 Hz to 900 Hz.
    Very Heavy

To play any sound, go to that specific sound frequency (Light/Heavy/Very Heavy) and choose the frequency level you want to play.  On tapping the level, it will start playing and will stop after a certain period. If you want it to play continuously, then check the Loop option. The Stop option is for stopping the sound whenever you want.

Similarly, the Repeller option on app’s home screen has two sub-categories: Mosquito Repeller and Dog Repeller. 


  • Mosquito Repeller: It includes sounds of frequency level 18 Hz, 19 Hz, and 20 Hz.
  • Dog Repeller: It has frequency level of 22 Hz, 24 Hz, and 28 Hz.

To play the sound, tap on the frequency level of your choice and that’s it. There’s a slider at bottom which lets you do the Power Control for the sound. If you want to stop at any moment, then tap on Stop button.

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Final Verdict:

Hertzier is an awesome and simple to use Android prank app with sounds of different frequency level. The app does what is says as I tried it on my colleagues and all of them were really annoyed. So, do give it a try.

Get Hertzier here.

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