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TMGS Computer Diagnostics is a collection of free system diagnostics tools that can be packed within a bootable USB and used to perform various system-related tests, including Memory Test, Hard Disk Test, Keyboard Test, Detailed System Information, Mouse Test, Optical Drive Test, Modem Test, Performance Test, and Display Test. You can create a self-bootable USB from the downloaded zip and can use it to diagnose your system for any issue.

TMGS Computer Diagnostics can be downloaded using the link given at the end. The only requirement to use it is a flash drive of size 128 MB or more. Let’s see how you can use this collection of free system diagnostics tools on your system.

TMGS Computer Diagnostics

How to Use TMGS Computer Diagnostics:

Instructions for installation

  • First of all ensure that you are logged in as system administrator.
  • After this you need to unzip the downloaded archive.
  • Next, open the USB Image Tool and browse for the target USB drive. Everything on the flash drive will be deleted.
  • Now click on Restore and choose the image (.img) file included in the zip archive of this free system diagnostics tools collection.
  • Next, choose to restore this file to your USB drive. This will create a bootable USB with TMGS Computer Diagnostics.
  • Now the bootable USB is ready to use. Plug it into the system you want to diagnose and boot system from this USB.

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System Diagnostics Tests available in TMGS Computer Diagnostics:

Once you boot system with the USB drive, you will see the main menu of TMGS Computer Diagnostics, where you will find various system diagnostic options. Let’s have a brief look on them.

System Information: Selecting this option will show a list of all the hardware devices that are connected to your computer.

Memory Test: These tests scan your memory for errors. These tests can take a while, though, as these are pretty comprehensive.

Hard Disk Test: This includes a quick test, and a advanced test for through hard drive scan.

Optical Drive Test: This will test all your optical drives.

Display Test: This test uses a tool called Video Test bench to test your monitor and display. (also check out: defective pixels tester)

Keyboard Test: This test checks whether all the keys on keyboard are working fine.

Mouse Test: This test completely checks your mouse.

Performance Test: Performance Test will test CPU, memory, and hard drive speed to gauge system performance. It will display performance results in graphical form.

Modem Test: To test your non-USB modem.

TMGS Computer Diagnostics is a really full fledged collection of system diagnostic tools. A good use of this would be test your old computer for potential problems. You can also have this handy if you are going to buy an old computer, to quickly test all aspects of it. Also check out Bootable Recovery Disc, and Bootable antivirus.

Get TMGS Computer Diagnostics here!

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