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Defective pixels tester (Defpix) is a free software to test dead and defective pixels on LCD monitor. Defective Pixels (wikipedia) are of many types that include always on pixels, completely dead pixels, stuck pixels, and more. This free defective pixels tester tests for the dead pixels. These dead pixels becomes inactive over time and fails to reproduce light levels correctly.

This software helps in testing and finding out defective pixels on your monitor easily.

Download Defective Pixels Tester free:

You can easily download Defective pixels tester from the website homepage. The Download size of the file is very small; just 918 KB. Once download, you can keep it anywhere on your computer and simply run the executable file. It does not require any installation. Just double-click on the executable file and run the program. That’s it!

Detect Defective Pixels on your LCD monitor using Defpix:

Defective pixels tester is extremely easy to use. When you start test on this program, it fills your screen with red, green, blue, white, and black colors. If there is any defective pixel on the  monitor, you will be able to clearly notice the gap in color sequence. This gap denotes the dead pixels on your LCD screen. Unlike stuck pixels, these pixels can’t be repaired easily.

The test starts by displaying a series of solid background colors for contrast. As you click on the “Start Testing” button, your screen will be filled with solid red color. You can notice small gaps between the solid background screen which denotes the dead pixels. To move to the next color in sequence, just press any key from the keyboard or press the left mouse button. You can proceed like this to get solid green, blue, white, and black screen. To stop the test, just press the “Escape” button and you are done.

There really isn’t a way to fix those dead pixels, but knowing that you have those can help you in getting your LCD screen replaced if it is still under warranty.

Other similar software you may refer is InjuredPixels.

The Final Verdict:

Defective pixels tester is a nice software to test how many of your LCD screen’s pixels are not working. You can use this handy tool to easily detect the density of dead pixels on your LCD screen and replace the same if it is still under the warranty period. Defective pixels tester is handy, easy to use, and completely free.

Get Defective pixels tester free.

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