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Angry IP Scanner is a free IP address scanning tool which you can use in order to scan network address ranges with a goal of finding active hosts and also to retrieve information about them. This tool is great if you for example are interested in checking who’s using your local network, which computers or devices are connected and of course if you are interested in testing out online locations, for example your website host.

Angry IP Scanner default indfw

Interface of Angry IP Scanner isn’t very complex, which is a good thing for all those who do not have a lot of experience scanning IP addresses but for some reason need to check what kind of network activity they have. As you can see, you can either scan IP ranges or network hostnames. There’s several different useful features found with Angry IP Scanner, some of the interesting ones would be:

  • IP and hostname scanning – find devices which are connected to an address
  • Information retrieval – ping time, open ports, hostname resolve
  • Find inactive hosts – double check them to see if they are really dead
  • Port scanner – check to see if ports are closed or if access is allowed.

As you have probably figured it out up until now, you can use Angry IP Scanner for both the local network and also when you want to checkup on the status of anyone who’s online, since pretty much everyone who’s connected to the internet has an IP address.

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How to scan IP addresses with Angry IP Scanner – free network scanner

Right after you start Angry IP scanner the application is gonna present you with several explanations on different names that tools and commands in Angry IP Scanner have. Also note that Angry IP Scanner is portable application, which is a good thing because it means that it can be easily used by network administrators on the run. We decided to scan a range of IP addresses, select IP Range in the upper drop down menu and enter the to and from locations that you want scanned.

Angry IP Scanner range scan

The IP address range scan showed us which addresses are online, but there were no special hotnames detected. This was an online scan, if you were to scan a local area network, for which Angry IP Scanner was initially intended for, you’ll receive different results.

Angry IP Scanner local scan

We’ve detected our own PC, because it’s the only one in our local network. Right clicking on the checked IP address where devices were found will give you access to more tools, especially under the Open option, which is where telnet can be opened or where traceroute can be easily activated, so make sure to check it out.


All in all Angry IP scanner is a very useful network administration tool which administrators can use when they need to checkup the status of network devices quickly. Best thing about Angry IP Scanner, which we haven’t mentioned so far would be the fact that it’s cross platform, it works on Linux, Windows and Mac, anyone can use it regardless of the OS that they are using.

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