Free Network Scanning Tool: Advanced IP Scanner

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Advanced IP Scanner is a free network scanning tool that allows the user to scan the computers that are available on the network and gets access to those devices and their various resources.

In fact this free network scanning tool even allows waking up remote machines and even makes it possible for a remote user to shut down the system. When used along with the popular Radmin remote detection software, this free IP scanner can detect the devices on the network for the user to connect with and share data.

Advanced IP Scanner

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Some of the Remarkable Features of  Advanced IP Scanner are:

Remote operation: Advanced IP Scanner allows the user to control machines on the network, remotely. The user can wake up or shutdown systems on the network form a remote computer. The machines can be woken up remotely, if the LAN cards on the network systems have the ‘Wake-on-LAN feature.

Integration with the Radmin Software: Radmin is a popular remote control software that allows the user to control computers on a network remotely, apart from providing a number of other interesting options. The fact that Advanced IP Scanner is highly integrated with Radmin Remote Control Software, makes it even more resourceful. The user can connect his system to the other systems that run the Radmin server on them. This can be done using a single mouse click. When Radmin server is installed, the user can work on the remote PC with Full control, transfer files, and working in telnet modes.

Fast scanning of the networks: Advanced IP Scanner, just as its name indicates is capable of scanning hundreds of IP addresses at very high speeds. Even shared folders,Https, Http, FTP scanning is possible.  Just install the software, scan the network and share information between the network devices that are connected.

With all these features and options, Advanced IP scanner is a efficient software to scan networks and control and share  data between the devices on those networks.

Download Advanced IP Scanner and scan networks for free. Advanced IP Scanner is available for free download on Radmin’s official website and the size if the installer is just about 7.5 MB. The installation is simple and quick. A video tutorial and online help about how to use the freeware to scan the website is available on the site. With a simple design and an intuitive interface,  this free IP scanner is extremely nimble and easy to use.

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