Free ECM Content Management System: OpenProdoc

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OpenProdoc is the perfect tool for small to mid-size companies which are always dealing with large amounts of documents that require organization and storage. The reason why OpenProdoc can help is because it is an ECM document / content management system, software which will help you keep track of documents, help you organize them and allow you easier access later on if the situation requires it.

OpenProdoc default window

ECM stands for enterprise content management, and having a proper ECM system installed on your companies computers is very important, because without it documents and files would be a nightmare to find. OpenProdoc is exactly that, software which will help you store and organize your files better and more efficiently. We’re mentioning companies, but this software isn’t intended specifically for company, individuals can also use it if they have a lot of files on their computers.

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OpenProdoc installation and availability

This free ECM system is written in Java, that means that it can run wherever Java can run, all the major systems like Windows, Linux and Mac are supported. Installation might be a little bit tricky, you can download the installer or a portable version of OpenProdoc. We went with portable, and found that there’s no .exe file to run the app, after consulting with the accompanied read me file we found out that the program is ran by a .bat file, located in the folder, not .exe, and that the username and password for accessing the application are:

Username: root
Password: root

Access to the application is password protected, since you are after all storing sensitive data inside it.

Organize your documents with OpenProdoc, free ECM system

Documents under the OpenProdoc can be sorted under users, the ones that have created them or the ones to which documents are important. What you can do in OpenProdoc would be the following:

  • Organize and store documents – the basic feature
  • Create and manage users – document owners
  • Add folders – to categorize the documents
  • Add basic document information – name, date, so that it’s easier to find it.

To add a document into the OpenProdoc safe keeping, create the Username under which you want to store the document, users can be created by clicking on the Administration tab and selecting Users.

OpenProdoc adding document

Enter in the password and any other info that you might see fit. Be careful not to grant Administrator rights to someone you do not particularly trust. Clicking on the OK button should import the user and it should be available on the left side, under the Users list. Click on the name, and then under Documents tab find and click on Add, which will prompt the Add Document window:

OpenProdoc adding user

Documents for addition to the OpenProdoc database can be found on your computer, and can be arranged in any way you want inside OpenProdoc. If you are looking for an easy way to manage, organize and store files, then OpenProdoc is the thing for you. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose by testing this ECM system out.

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Works With: Windows, Linux, Mac
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