Free Mahjong Game For Windows 10: Simple Mahjong

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Simple Mahjong is a free mahjong game app for Windows 10 devices. When you run the game on your device upon its installation, you will be taken to the tutorial of the game. In the tutorial to the game, you will be able to see the various rules of the game which you can employ to play the game and emerge victorious. The game is lightweight and can make for a great app to while away your time when you have nothing to do. The game follows the rules of the classic board game Mahjong.

Simple Mahjong is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Rules of the game:

In the game, you have to click on a tile which has not more than one tile adjacent to it and then search for a tile with the same pattern etched on it to make a pair. When you have made a pair, you will be awarded score points and the aim of the game is to clear the entire board in the least amount of time to create the highest possible score.

Main features of Simple Mahjong for Windows 10:

When you run the game, the first thing presented on your screen is the tutorial to the game itself where you will see guided hints to play the game.

Simple Mahjong hints

At any point of time you can click on the Back button to go back to the main interface of the game itself and you can also choose to quit the game itself. Learning the gameplay is an easy task and you can easily do so by following the on screen instructions on how to play the game itself. The instructions are structured in the form of hints which appear at the top center of the screen. Once the tutorial is complete, you will be taken to the gameplay screen itself.

Simple Mahjong gameplay started

You have to click on a tile and then click on a similar tile to create a match. When a match is made, the tiles come together to award you score points at the left side of the screen.

Simple Mahjong match made

You can keep an eye on your score by taking a glimpse at the left side of the screen whenever you want. You may also choose to pause the game at any time via the Esc. button. All in all, this is an easy game with simple controls that are very easy to comprehend. At the end of the game, you will be shown your score.

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The verdict:

Simple Mahjong is a great take on Mahjong for Windows 10 devices. You may grab it for free for your device from the link below.

Get Simple Mahjong.

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