Free Car Racing Game For Windows 10: Rally Point 4

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Rally Point 4 is a free car racing game app for Windows 10 devices. The game is designed in a rally style racing environment where you have to race against the time that is shown to you. The game has a ton of cars that you can choose from, and also the game provides for some really cool gameplay. One of the biggest strengths of the game is its great graphics which make the game a treat to play on your device. Overall the entire look and feel of the game is great and it makes for an amazing download on your device with Windows 10.

Rally Point 4 is available for free from the Windows App Store.Rally Point 4 Main screen

Controls of the game

The game has pretty easily comprehendible controls, which are also shown in the gameplay window at the bottom left corner.Rally Point 4 gameplay As you can read above in the gameplay interface, the following controls are used in the game –

  • Arrow Keys: These allow you to move or steer the car around.
  • Z: Use nitro.
  • Shift or X: These buttons allow you to hard brake which you can use in combination of the arrow buttons to activate a drift.
  • R: Reset your position on the track.

Main features of Rally Point 4 for Windows 10

When you run Rally Point 4 on your Windows 10 device, you will see the below interface.Rally Point 4 Main screen

Click Play in the main menu and you will be taken to the level selection interface. Here a plethora of levels/tracks are available of which a few are already unlocked and few need to be unlocked which can be done by completing the previous tracks.Rally Point 4 select levelOnce track has been chosen, you will be able to choose the car with which you wish to drive. As is the case with the tracks above, a few cars are unlocked and more get unlocked as you complete tracks with these available cars first.Rally Point 4 select carClicking on an available car picks it for your gameplay. Now the game loads up the gameplay environment.Rally Point 4 gameplayYou can see a neatly laid out speedometer at the right side of the screen, the game timer at the top center and the controls of the game at the bottom left. The game can also be converted to a full screen form instead of being played in the windowed form by using the expand app button in the title bar. Once you are up and going, you can choose to use the special controls like nitro, drift etc. Drift is especially useful on tight curves where you need to be exceptionally careful of the means by which you are executing the curve. Similarly, nitro gives you a much needed speed boost on straight road. You can see me using the nitro in the screenshot below.Rally Point 4 danger nitro zoneA word of caution about nitro – when you keep using nitro for prolonged periods without letting the nitro button go, the engine of your car overheats as it would in real life scenario. When the car is overheated you will see an exclamation mark shown at the bottom of the gameplay screen – you can see above that I am in the danger area where my car is overheating! If I continue to use the nitro for a few more seconds, the car blows up with a great animation, although it might not be the greatest feeling in the world as you lose when that happens! You can see my car wrecked because of this reason in the screenshot below.Rally Point 4 wreckedYou can either choose to retry the level or quit the level altogether from the screen above. If you are able to successfully complete the race and win, you will be shown the below interface.Rally Point 4 game overHowever if you lose, you will still be shown the results but your time taken will be shown as greater than the time to beat. The above screen caters options to retry the race or continue into the main menu if you want to try another track. This basically is a wrap of the main features of Rally Point 4 for Windows 10.

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Rally Point 4 is a great free car racing game app for Windows 10 devices. You must definitely check it out if you are a fan of racing games which deliver excellent graphics. The game can be grabbed for free from the link below.

Get Rally Point 4.

Editor Ratings:
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