5 Gift Idea Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 gift idea apps for Android which you can use to find interesting gift ideas for special occasions, anniversaries, and holidays. There’s a lot of people out there, myself included, who’re really terrible at picking out presents. With the following apps things should get better because they will give gift ideas to get you started. Let’s see what kind of apps of this type are there in the Play Store and how exactly it is that they are working.

Gift Ideas by Rosu Gabriel

Gift Ideas by Rosu Gabriel is a gift ideas app for Android that, before giving you ideas for presents, first asks you a couple of questions. Questions like whether the person you’re buying the gift for is male or female, what their age is, is it a friend, a spouse, a child, etc.

gift ideas apps android 1

Last of the questions that you’re going to be asked is what’s the occasion for the gift and what kind of interests the person you’re buying the gift for has. It does this to offer better gift ideas, to get the know the person more. After that you’ll be presented with a list of gift suggestions, see image above.

Get Gift Ideas by Rosu Gabriel.

DIY Gifts

DIY Gifts takes a bit of a different approach when it comes to giving gifting ideas. It focuses on creating “do it yourself” type of gifts.

gift ideas apps android 2

There’s no setup wizard for describing the person type and what their interests are. Only images of the gift ideas are shown. Swipe left/right to switch between the dozens of ideas like hand made picture frames, scrap books, jewelry, etc. Tap on the top left corner “How to..” button to get a detailed set of instructions on how to create a particular gift.

Get DIY Gifts.

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Gift Idea Generator

Gift Idea Generator operates similarly to how Gift Ideas by Rosu Gabriel does. First it asks about the age of the person for whom the gift is intended, then how close the two of you are, do you want a “crazy” gift or a classic gift, etc.

gift ideas apps android 3

Once that you answer everything, you’ll be given a gift suggestion. It can be anything from handmade “do it yourself” type of gift, new water heater or something like a dinner and a movie date, depending for whom you’re buying the gift for.

Get Gift Idea Generator.

Creative Gift Ideas Under $20

Creative Gift Ideas Under $20 is a gift ideas app that focuses on those people who need to stick to a budget. Financially speaking situation isn’t that great for a lot of people.

gift ideas apps android 4

Using this app you’ll find interesting gifts under 20$, like for example glow in the dark nail polish. A DIY category is also available, with DIY gift projects for under 20$.

Get Creative Gift Ideas Under $20.

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Even though Christmas is behind us, Christmas Gift Ideas is still worth mentioning, seeing how Christmas is a season when gifting is all the rage.

gift ideas apps android 5

App will ask two things before giving you a list of gift ideas, is the person you’re buying for male or female, and what their age bracket it. After answering those two things, you’ll be presented with a lengthy list of presents, like the one seen on the screenshot above.

Get Christmas Gift Ideas.


Out of the 5 gift idea apps for Android above, the one I like the most is Creative Gift Ideas Under $20. It’s not just because I’m constantly broke, but also because I liked the gift ideas very much.

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