5 Websites To Learn Things Made From Waste Material

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Here is a list of 5 websites to learn things made from waste material. You will get to learn some amazing stuff on these websites for free.

“Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to be dispersed because we have been ignorant of their value.”

These above words, serious as they sound, set the right tone for this article. A lot of stuff that we simply throw away can be used for various purposes. But, we are either ignorant or it is the lack of creativity that prevents us from using these waste items to make something useful. In case, it is the latter problem that ails you, this article can prove to be really helpful for you. There are a lot of platforms out there on the internet that compile a list of ideas that you can try. They are both eco-friendly and money-friendly.

The 5 websites reviewed in this list are VIRALNOVA, Best Out Of Waste, Big Spring Environmental, BuzzFeed, and Technology Feel.


learn things made from waste material

The first platform reviewed in this article to learn things made from waste material is VIRALNOVA. In the culture tab on this website, you will find an article that mentions 30 awesome ideas to use your old stuff (link for this article has been given above). Some of the ideas include using your old ladder as a book shelf, turning bottle caps into tea lights, using wrenches as wall hooks, making old cassette work as a coin purse, and many more. 30 such ideas have been provided by the website.

While a lot of ideas provided in this article seem useful, some of them look impossible to perform or use fancy items that are not found commonly. Another small issue with this website is that even though it provides with some really good ideas, the procedure is not mentioned; only images are provided. Nevertheless, the platform is worth trying out.

Best Out Of Waste:

Best out Of Waste

Another useful website to learn things made from waste material is Best out Of Waste. This is a good platform mainly for kids, who can learn to make amazing things out of some simple waste material. The website even lays down the proper procedure to make a particular item. The written tutorial is combined with images so that kids find it easy to follow the steps. In total, there are 10 different ideas that you can try out. One thing that runs common in all of them is, they are all pretty simple to make and are not much of a burden on your pocket.

Big Spring Environmental:

learn things made from waste material

Moving on, the third website to learn things made from waste material is Big Spring Environmental. This website also caters to the need of children and lists ideas that can impress them. There are 20 different ideas to create toys from waste material. These ideas are supported by images and clearly defined procedure to create these toys.

Some of the toys listed on this website are really cool and go a long way to impress kids. One such idea is to create igloo with the help of empty cans and plastic boxes. Another toy that you can make is sprinkler with the help of plastic bottle with lots of holes in it. There are many more ideas that sound cool and are easy to make. Try them out from the link above.


learn things made from waste material

The above image shows one of the 40 ideas that have been listed on this website to learn things made from waste material. You can use useless tins as pen stand, empty bottles of wine as chandelier, cut old cassettes to decorate gifts, and much more. All such ideas are provided in a blog on BuzzFeed. The link given above will directly take you to the page where you can watch and learn from these ideas.

Althoough BuzzFeed has a good collection of ideas to create items from waste material, you might find some of them to be repetitive. Instead of making items from different things, a lot of ideas revolve around using empty jars and cans. So, if you are looking for something similar, then this is the perfect place for you.

Technology Feel:

learn things made from waste material

The fifth and final website to learn things made from waste material is Technology Feel. This is another creative platform with 10 different ideas that you can try at home. One good thing about this website is that all the listed ideas are pretty simple and are made through items found commonly in every household (the above picture is a proof for that).

One really cool item that I found on this website is using egg cartons as seed storage. You can fill each cup with soil and a different seed. Keep watering them and watch them grow big. An incredible use of something completely useless isn’t it?

All these above mentioned websites have some great ideas offer. Try them out and create some amazing items for yourself. Do not forget to tell us how did you like these websites.

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