5 Free Tarot Reading Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 tarot reading apps for Android which you can use to find out about your future by reading tarot cards. A few days ago we covered palm reading apps. Now we decided to move on and cover another very popular method of finding out about the future, tarot cards. There are lots of apps that are available for tarot card reading, so let’s see some of them in action.

Here’s what we found.

Tarot Card Reading

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Finding out about the future with Tarot Card Reading requires you first to select between one and three card reading.

After selecting the number of cards, you’ll have to select which area of life you’d like to know more about. Life in general, family & friends, money, love & relationships, health, dreams & ambitions, travel and work & career are available. Last step is selecting a card from a deck of cards and after that you’ll get your reading, see image above.

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Tarot Cards Free

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Tarot Cards Free offers 6 tarot card reading methods, five cards tarot, the ellipse, the celtic cross, the mirror, the mandala, the relationship.

After selecting the type of tarot card reading, you’ll have to of course pick the cards and then you’ll get a detailed explanation for each of the cards that you’ve drawn. All the important areas of life like love, finance, health and career are covered of course.

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Tarot Reading

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Tarot Reading first asks the user to create a profile, to keep a history of readings and it will ask about your current mood for some reason.

The app lets you choose three cards, one for love, one for destiny and another one for career. After picking each of the cards tap on them again to read their meaning, what they actually mean for your future.

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Gypsy Tarot

gypsy tarot

Gypsy Tarot lets you draw three cards from a deck of 36 and then it will give you readings about what each of the 3 cards that you’ve drawn means for your future.

This card reading apps asks you to imagine the question that you have in your head before picking the cards, so make sure that you do that before selecting the card.

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TAROT READING has one of the best methods of how to shuffle cards out of all the tarot reading apps that we’ve found.

First you get a deck of cards and you shuffle them by either tapping and dragging your finger on the screen all willy-nilly or by shaking your phone/tablet. Then the deck it cut and you’re presented with 7 cards in a hexagram that will tell you everything that you need to know about the future after tapping on them.



Gypsy Tarot and TAROT READING, the last two tarot reading apps from the list are the most interesting out of the 5 that we’ve listed above. We especially enjoy playing around with TAROT READING, not just because it’s a great tarot reading app, but also because it’s very fun to mix cards with it. Don’t forget to leave comments down below.

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