5 Palm Reading Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 palm reading apps for Android which you can use to find out info about your future by getting informed about palm reading or by having your palm actually scanned and “read”. Android powered phones and tablets have a surprisingly large number of uses, and it seems that you can even use them for palm reading, to find out what the stars have in the charts for you in the future.

Palm Reader – Scan Your Future

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First palm reader app is a large encyclopedia of information about palm reading. That’s the only way how it can help you read palms.

It’s not a palm scanner, but by reading the instructions that the app has to offer, you yourself are gonna be able to read palms in no time, or at least just find out what the lines, qualities, mounts and the general shape of your hand has to say about your future.

Get Palm Reader – Scan Your Future.

Palm Reading Scan Reader

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Palm Reading Scan Reader is a palm reading app that does have a built-in palm scanner which uses the back camera of your phone (or tablet) to find out just what exactly fate has in store for you.

App will first require you to adjust your hand to the template shape on the screen and then when you’re done, hit on the “take picture” button to create a scan of your palm. Scanner will then work its magic and once it finishes the only thing that you have to do is go through the steps as the app explains your fortune in an “install wizard” type of setting.

Get Palm Reading Scan Reader.

Palm Reader/Scanner HD

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Palm Reader/Scanner works just like the previously mentioned palm reader app. It will use the back camera of your device to create a snapshot of your palm.

App plays a nice scan animation that goes over your palm (something similar to the Star Trek trikoder). When the scan finishes you’ll be given the analysis of your palm in a nice text report that tells your future, at least your future according to the palm of your hand. Information is grouped on general, finance, love, health, life and more.

Get Palm Reader/Scanner HD.

Palm Master

palm reading apps android 4

Palm Master is another palm scanner app that will actually take a scan of your palm after which you’ll receive a detailed report of your fate according to the palm of your hand.

You will have to have a slightly better camera, otherwise if you don’t have a slightly better camera and you’re not in a well lit room your scan won’t be accepted by the app.

Get Palm Master.

Palm Reading

palm reading apps android 5

Palm Reading doesn’t have a scanner but it does have an advanced palm reading wizard where you’ll have to find how your palm looks like.

There’s a lot of steps involved. First you select the shape of your hand, then you have to describe how the lines on your hand look like and when everything’s setup you’ll be given a reading, your future, at least according to Palm Reading.

Get Palm Reading.


Palm Reading Scan Does a great job of helping people find out about their future, Palm Reading, the last app from the list is also very fun to play around with. Try them first and if you don’t like the move on to the other from the list that we mentioned.

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