5 Free Flashcard Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 flashcard apps for Android which you can use to create flashcards and quizzes for studying and just testing your knowledge in general. When studying for an exam, doesn’t matter if it’s written or oral, reading about a particular subject will only get you so far. What you need to do after reading up on something is put what you just read to a test. Flashcards are a great way how to do that, but setting them up on pieces of paper can be exhausting, enter Android.

AnkiDroid Flashcards

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AnkiDroid Flashcards are great for two reasons. First this flashcard app lets you create your own flashcard sets with an unlimited number of flashcards and detailed stats on how good you are at solving them.

Secondly there’s an online database of around 6000 shared flashcard sets from anatomy, biology, birds, chemistry, geography, law, math, music, pathology, physics and more. Chances are good that there’s already a flashcard set that you need already posted on the AnkiDroid website for you to download for free. What’s more they are even multilingual, with more than 10 different languages being supported. Lots of other cool features are available.

Get AnkiDroid Flashcards.


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Quizlet works just like AnkiDroid Flashcards, and it might even be better. It focuses more on sharing and community. It even requires that you sign in with your Google account to use the app.

Flashcards for all the more popular topics are probably available you just need to search through the Quizlet social network. If a flashcard set that you need can’t be found, you’ll be able to easily create one and then share it with others who use Quizlet. Here you need to type in the answers and the app will tell you if the answer is correct or not.

Get Quizlet.

Make sure to also checkout Free Website to Create Flashcards, with Apps for iOS, Android.

SuperCard Flashcards

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SuperCard Flashcards is simpler than Quizlet, but it has access to the Quizlet flashcard database and also the database of Flashcard Exchange, which is another flashcard website resource.

SuperCard Flashcards doesn’t require any kind of registration and it of course allows you to create flashcards of your own, the same way that all the other flashcard apps that I covered here do. Answers can be verbal honor system (you answer and type in if you guessed the answer or not), multiple choice or exact match where you answer by typing in the solution.

Get SuperCard Flashcards.

Cram.com Flashcards

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Cram.com Flashcards is the official app of the Cram.com website. If you used the website version to get flashcards, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s also an Android app that you can use.

You can register an account or login with an existing one, but it’s having an account is not required to use the app and access the flashcards. There’s basically 2 work modes, learning and testing.

Get Cram.com Flashcards.

Make sure to also checkout Flashcard Master: Free Flashcard Software, Flashcard Maker.

FREE Flashcards Helper

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FREE Flashcards Helper is much simpler than all the previously mentioned app.

There’s no access to an online database of flashcards other people have posted. Only the flashcards created by you are gonna be available. You get state capitals (US) and french verbs flashcard set by default.

Get FREE Flashcards Helper.


SuperCard Flashcards is super simple, but at the same time it can also be super advanced if you want to access flashcards that other people have posted. Other flashcard apps mentioned here aren’t that bad, it depends on what your needs are. My advice, start with SuperCard Flashcards.

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