5 Event Reminder Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 event reminder software for Windows 10 which you can use to setup reminders about upcoming events, meetings, occasions and so on. Applications that I tested on the list down below are simplistic and will for the most part work in the background, in the system tray to be more precise, and activate only when the event that you need to be reminded of is due. Notifications range from alarms, pop-up notifications, flashing tray icons, application triggering, etc.

Let’s see what exactly it is that’s available.

Kana Reminder

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Kana Reminder is a feature rich event reminder software for Windows 10 which lets you run multiple reminders at the same time and has lots of different ways of reminding you about events once their deadline starts nearing.

After launching the application you’ll see an empty list of reminders. You can start adding new ones by clicking on the “Add” button in the bottom left corner of the screen. That is what I’m doing on the image above. Reminder setup consists of adding the basics like the reminder description, date and time of the event and whether or not the event will happen only once or on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. After taking care of that, “Options” and “Sound” tabs allow you to setup additional event notifications like flashing tray icon, password protected pop-ups (password required to turn it off), PC shutdown, reboot, log off, custom alarm sounds and more. Once everything’s setup, reminder is added to the list and will go off at the specified time and date.

Get Kana Reminder.

Holiline Reminder 3 – free event reminder software for Windows 10

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Holiline Reminder 3 is another feature packed event reminder software for Windows 10 where not only do you get a reminder software, but also a to-do list manager, with a transparent widget and a horizontal scrolling line (similar to stock ticker widgets) where the latest events from the calendar are displayed. You can see everything in action on the image above.

To-do list and the event reminder portion of the application can be separate, or you can import reminders into the to-do list as well when creating them. Each reminder can have an image associated to it, Notifications can be set to activate ahead of the actual date, a few days up to a few weeks. Reminder presets for birthdays, holidays and weddings days are available. Both to-do widget and the scrolling lines appearance are configurable. To start adding events and tweaking this reminder software right click on the system tray icon and select the “Event Editor” option.

Get Holiline Reminder 3.

Also, have a look at Windows 8 Live Tile Reminder App To Add Event Reminder in Start Screen.

Day Organizer

event reminder software windows 10 3

Day Organizer isn’t so much an event reminder software as much its as a day organizer that comes with an event reminder functionality. Before Day Organizer can remind you about events, they first have to be added to the calendar, obviously. Events can be added to the calendar with or without reminders.

You’ll have to put a check mark next to the “Reminder” option and select how much time before the event date you’d like the reminder alarm to go off. It can be minutes or weeks ahead of the due date. Events can be set as one-time thing or they can be repetitive. Event grouping based on type (business, family, friends, etc.) is possible as is filtering based on location, time periods and other attributes. Fact sheets for events can be printed, which have info on the created event like location, time and date, description, etc.

Get Day Organizer.


event reminder software windows 10 4

Desktop-Reminder is another simplistic event reminder software for Windows 10 with a straight to the point and easy to use interface. To add new events click on the “New task” button from the top left corner menu. This will open up a new window where you can add things like event description, category, additional notes, date, time and when you want the alarm to go off.

Reminder alarms can be set to start up to 24h before the actual date of the event. Main interface consists of a toolbar up top, list of tasks in the middle and a calendar all the way at the bottom for having a better view of all the events that you have coming up.

Get Desktop-Reminder.

Also, have a look at Free Birthday Reminder Software To Remind You Of Birthday, Events.


event reminder software windows 10 5

Gminder I’m mentioning because a lot of us nowadays keep events in online calendars like Google Calendar. What Gminder does it allows you to receive event reminders on your Windows 10 desktop for events that you have added to your Google Calendar.

For this to work first step is to login into your Google account and give Gminder access permissions. It will then download a list of calendars and events that you’ve added there. Lots of different types of reminders can be setup, pop-up notifications, alarms and audio notifications. Different reminders can go off depending on how close the event date is (future, soon, now) and you can set your own alarm sounds. By default Gminder will download 1 month worth of events locally, so that reminders will go off even if you don’t have an internet connection.

Get Gminder.


All 5 of the event reminder software from the list above worked great and each has interesting features. My favorite would be Holiline Reminder 3 because not only is it advanced it also has very nice desktop widgets. Gminder I like because it can connect to Google Calendar and play reminders for events saved there. Let me know what you think, which reminder software do you use on your Windows 10 install?

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