Free Birthday Reminder Software To Remind You Of Birthday, Events

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Neonway Happy Birthday is a free birthday reminder software for Windows, that reminds you of your close one’s birthdays and other yearly events. It is a simple and good-looking software, that lets you save birthdays and other yearly events, like: kids graduation day, final assessment day in office, national holidays etc. and then, get a reminder about them at the day and time of your choice. The freeware gives you notifications about the reminders.

What’s more? the freeware also lets you send birthday E-cards or emails from within the freeware itself. You can then, either save the reminders and the details, locally or save them in the Neonway cloud. But for both, you have to sign-up and login first. The freeware is totally free and so is the registration.

Happy Birthday

Get Birthday reminders and yearly events reminder using this free Birthday reminder:

Neonway Happy Birthday is a pretty good birthday reminder for Windows. It comes with an eye pleasing semi-transparent interface, with all easy and simple to use buttons. The freeware size is just 18.3 MB and is adware free. All the buttons are pretty self-explanatory, and hovering mouse over them shows their name, which helps in understanding their functionalities. After installation, simply launch the freeware. You’ll get three main toggle tabs at the left side of interface: Friends, Events, and Notifications. As you got the idea, clicking on each shows its respective list.

Adding and setting up a new reminder about birthday or yearly event is a few seconds task. The buttons to Add, Delete, and Rearrange the friends and events list are present at the bottom-left side of interface. Simply click on the desired.

Happy Birthday - adding reminder

While setting up a reminder, you can give a good amount of detail about the reminder. These include: name, date, email, phone, note, time for notification, and reminder in days before the reminder date. The freeware automatically saves any changes made to a reminder.

Like I said before, you have to login first in order to save the reminder data in PC or in Neonway cloud. And even for sending an E-card or birthday mail, you have to login first. To get the login/registration window, simply click on My Area button (present at tool bar at the top), and then click on Login/Registration. You can register free in Neonway, however you can only register using the web browser. And clicking on Registration button automatically opens the registration page.

Happy Birthday - registration

Once logged in you can then save the data by clicking on Save button present in tool bar. The freeware comes with some beautiful looking birthday E-card templates, that you can send to close ones. Simply click on the Send an Ecard button present at the right side of interface, besides the Email address field. This opens a new window to send E-card.

Happy Birthday - sending E-card

One interesting feature of this free Birthday reminder is, it has a Time Wheel button in the tool bar. It is a feature using which you can browse through the history; containing the data that you saved in past.

Happy Birthday - time wheel

Key features of this free birthday reminder software:

  • Completely free.
  • Good birthday reminder for Windows.
  • Save birthday and yearly events reminders.
  • Get notifications.
  • Save data locally or in cloud.
  • Browse through history of saved records using built-in time wheel.
  • Simple and easy.

Here are some more good reminder software for Windows, check them out: Desktop Calendar and Wise Reminder.


Neonway Happy Birthday is a good free birthday reminder for Windows. It’s easy, effective, and useful. Saving the data in cloud and sending Ecards from within the software, makes it more practical. All in all a good freeware to try.

Get Neonway Happy Birthday here.

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