5 ePub Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 ePub extensions for Google Chrome which can be used to open and read ePubs. ePub, in case you haven’t heard about it so far, is a popular ebook format. On the list down below I focused on both extensions and apps that can be used to read ePub books from within Chrome or on the very popular Chromebook. These come very close to desktop ebook readers, some even have library management component so that you can load multiple ebooks into the application for easier access and management.

Let’s see how exactly it is that they work.

Simple EPUB Reader

epub extensions chrome 1

Simple EPUB Reader is an ePub reader app that lets you read ePub ebooks inside Chrome, and it’s also highly customizable.

By highly customizable I’m referring to things like being able to change font size, font/background colors, reading direction (horizontal, vertical) and so on. Keyboard shortcuts are available for flipping between pages. Library component is also included where ebooks can be imported on a virtual shelf for easier access and management.

Get Simple EPUB Reader.

EBook Offline Reader

epub extensions chrome 2

EBook Offline Reader is a much more simpler ePub extension for Chrome. After launching it you’re only going to see a single button for opening ePub files.

After an ebook is selected it loads into the reader where the only controls are the left/right arrows for flipping pages. You can see the extension in action on the image above. How many pages, how many text is shown depends on the size of the window.

Get EBook Offline Reader.

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Cloud ePub Reader with Drive

epub extensions chrome 3

Cloud ePub Reader with Drive is an online ePub extension for Chrome which works within a tab and since it’s online, it requires an active internet connection in order to work properly.

What makes it interesting though is the fact that you can load ePub files from Google Drive, provided that you connect your Google account with the app. Top left corner has a menu button which activates a list of chapters. Use the left/right arrows on the edges of the document to flip pages.

Get Cloud ePub Reader with Drive.

Readiator EPUB Reader

epub extensions chrome 4

Readiator EPUB Reader loads up within a tab, not in its own window, but it works offline. Before ePub files can be opened, they first have to be imported into the library shelf.

Reader itself is similar to that of Cloud ePub Reader. Top left corner opens up a list of chapters in the left sidebar. Vertical scrolling is used instead of horizontal page flipping. Text zoom is possible to make it easier to read text.

Get Readiator EPUB Reader.

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epub extensions chrome 5

Readium has pretty much all the same features and functionalities that all the other ePub extensions that I covered have.

What makes it stand out is the fact that there are viewer styles and layouts that change how the ebook viewer looks like. On the image above I use the “Arabian Nights” style that makes the background black for reading at night. Extensive customizations are possible.

Get Readium.


Readium and Ebook Offline Reader are my favorites from the list of ePub extensions from the list above. EBook Offline Reader is great because it’s simple, it doesn’t get simpler than EBook Offline Reader. Readium has a lot of interesting features, like styles and layout tweaking. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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