4 Dialer Security Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 4 dialer security apps for Android which you can use to protect the dialer app on your Android device so that no one can abuse it. Unprotected dialer app could cause your phone to start calling other people without you knowing, or even worse, it could trigger USSD codes (like the one you use to check account balance) that activates tariffs, accesses hidden device settings, and ultimately deletes your entire phone (return it to factory default settings).

Following apps provide extra security and protection against such threats.

McAfee Dialer Protection

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McAfee Dialer Protection is sort of like a firewall that will check each time you click on a number or USSD code and it tries to get executed using the dialer app of your phone.

After installing and running McAfee Dialer Protection, you’ll need to select it to be the main dialer app. From that point on every time you try to call a suspicious number or run a dangerous USSD code, you’re going to be warned by McAfee.

Get McAfee Dialer Protection.

Gold Dialer Lite

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Gold Dialer Lite also tries to protect your from dialing malicious codes by changing the default dialer app to itself.

Once you run Gold Dialer for the first time, you’re going to be asked to setup your account, including adding a username and password. Gold Dialer is a VOIP app, and it’s going to ask you your account info each time the app is accessed. Contact manager is included with the dialer app.

Get Gold Dialer Lite.

Also, have a look at Free App Locker for Android: KK AppLock For Android.

App Lock

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If you’re not inclined towards having the default dialer app changed, and would rather focus on adding protection to the default dialer app, App Lock is the thing you need.

App Lock will password protect the dialer app, or any other app for that matter and that way prevent other people, possible intruders, from using the dialer app. To get App Lock to work, run it, setup protection (pin number, pattern lock, recovery methods) and after that choose to lock the dialer app. As far as dialer security apps goes, this one offers a great method how to protect your dialer.

Get App Lock.

Mobile Security & Antivirus

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Mobile Security & Antivirus is a mix between McAfee Dialer Protection and App Lock. This is basically the mobile version of Avast, a very popular Windows antivirus software.

What makes it great is the fact that both phone number/USSD code screening and app locking is available, so with this security app you get McAfee Dialer Protection and App Lock all rolled up into single app. Numbers passed to the dialer are automatically checked after installing the app. To lock down the dialer completely, just select the App Locking option from the left sidebar menu.

Get Mobile Security & Antivirus.

Also, have a look at Android App Locker to Set Different Lock for Different Apps.


I like and personally use Mobile Security & Antivirus, seeing how it offers both number screening (for numbers and USSD codes that get passed to the dialer), and also app locking (for locking down the dialer app). Small drawback is that it needs to run all the time and system resources have to be spent on that. If that’s a problem, use just App Lock or McAfee separately. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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