5 Free 15 Minute Workout Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free 15 minute workout websites. They provide you with short bursts of some intense exercise that help you in achieving a fit and toned body.

Earlier we have also covered websites that provide 7 minutes long workouts. With increasing workload and burden of day-to-day activities, most of us simply don’t have enough energy, or are not left with enough time to exercise for long periods. Smaller sessions of workout that are equally beneficial come handy in such a scenario. You just have a pick a small corner of your house, watch the video, and finish your workout in just 15 minutes. Since, this is a very small workout session, it is obvious that it will be more tiring and breathtaking than the longer routines.

The 15 minute workout websites reviewed here are Yourfitness, goop, Ace, fitbie, and Real Simple.


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Yourfitness is the first website where you can find free 15 minute workout videos. In fact, you can find fitness videos for longer or shorter duration also, as the website contains a whole lot of videos for different duration and type.  The website has been mainly designed for females, who can learn some effective exercises for a better health and body. There are multiple videos taken from YouTube and put together at one place.

On the home page of the website, you can search by duration and opt for 15 minute workout videos. You will find multiple videos under the category and can go through all of them, depending on which part of your body you intend to focus on. There are also workouts that cover your entire body and suit you the best. In case, you have other workout videos not available on the website, you can submit that video by opting relevant options.

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goop is another free portal in this list of 15 minute workout websites that you can visit in order to learn different exercises to stay fit. Goop is basically a platform where you find answers for questions related to different topics like Shopping, Travelling, Health, Food, and more. There are experts who give you some well thought out tips to make your body fitter and better.

The link given above will directly take you to the page where you can start with your workout. There is a 15 minute workout video by Tracy Anderson, the trainer, and she teaches you different exercises to keep your body fit. All you have to do is keep following her.


workout websites

Ace is the third website in this list of free 15 minute workout websites. Here also the trainer, Lawrence Biscontini, provides you with some energy sapping 15 minute cardio exercises that make you fitter and healthier. The video available on this website tries to eliminate all kinds of equipment and aims to provide you with a routine where your body does everything for you. You also learn to improve your balance.

This 15 minute exercise brings all the unnecessary fat out of your body through some quick and non stop exercises. Of course, you are allowed to take brief breaks in between, but for most part of the workout you are on the move trying to match your trainer.


workout websites

Next up in the list of free 15 minute workout websites is fitbie. It is like a virtual health magazine for users, who can read articles by experts on various issues related to health like your diet, lifestyle. You can also sign up for a free account and receive regular updates from the website and also share their articles on different websites.

In between these expert reviews, you will also find exactly what you are looking for. The website provides you a 15 minute workout for flat abs. There is a 15 minute video that explains and demonstrates all that is required for a flat belly. Go through it and start working out. Other than the video, there are also different slides that you the exact positions that you have to be in while working out.

Real Simple:

workout websites

The fifth and final website reviewed here is Real Simple. The link above takes you to the page where you can find your 15 minute workout session. It has been named ” 15 minutes & you’re done workouts”. It includes all the exercises and positions that help you in achieving a flat tummy and a fit body.

Instead of attaching a video tutorial on its website, Real simple provides its users with written descriptions and images depicting the different position. Every image carries along its description, which includes details like number of times you have to do a particular time, it’s time limit, exact way to do it, etc. Go through these images and perform each of them as mentioned, until you’re done.

It would be wrong to assume that a small workout session does not give effective results. Various experts and professionals have talked about the efficiency and benefits of good quality short work out sessions. Thus, these free workout websites can be a potent tool in your hand to shed some weight and become fit. Try them out and let us know how much you benefited from them.

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