5 Free Ab Workout Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 ab workout apps for Android which you can use to find exercises that will get you in shape so that you can brag with abs by the time summer comes. A lot of people have made New Year’s resolution to get fit and start working out. If going to the gym isn’t an option for you, having a workout trainer app on your phone that can give you advice is the next best thing. Apps from the list down below focus on just that, they offer workout plans to make you abs nice and tight.

Let’s look at these apps below.

Abs Workout by Caynax

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Abs workout is a daily workout app which will help you create abs in just 6 weeks by doing a 5-minute workout each day, at least according to the app creators.

App comes with 6 types of exercises that focus on creating the much desired flat six pack stomach. Abs Workout has a 42-day calendar where progress can be kept (by taking weight and waist measurements). Each exercise is explained using animations, and there’s also text to speech component that shouts orders, so that you don’t have to look at the screen.

Get Abs workout.

8 Minutes Abs Workout

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8 Minutes Abs Workout doesn’t have just 1 workout plan, it has several of them based on how developed your abs are. In other words, this app doesn’t assume that everyone is starting from scratch.

First thing, that you will need to select is the types of exercises that you’ll be doing. Based on the difficulty level there are 13 workout packs that you can select. Each workout is basically a 10-minute long video that you can stream online or download and play from local storage.

Get 8 Minutes Abs Workout.

Also have a look at Android Workout App: Sworkit.

30 Day Ab Challenge FREE

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30 Day Ab Challenge will keep a 30-day calendar of basic exercises that will help you if nothing else then at least put you on the right path towards having a flat stomach and six pack abs.

All the basic exercises are available, like sit ups, crunches, leg raises and planking. Workout plan will ask you to do repeat sets of 15, 25 or 35, each day increasing the difficulty of workout for better results.

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Daily Ab Workout FREE

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Daily Ab Workout comes with 2 sets of workout exercises, the paid version of the app has more. They can either be 5, 8 or 10 minutes long.

The app has dozens of different exercises that it mixes up for maximum results. By entering your weight and age, the app will give you approximate estimates on how many calories you’ve burned. Daily reminders can be setup so that you don’t forget workouts that you’ve setup.

Get Daily Ab Workout FREE.

Also, have a look at Free Workout App for Android to Get in Shape, Build Body in 6 Weeks.

Daily Workouts FREE

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Daily Workouts is just like Daily Ab Workout, only it focuses on more general exercises, not just on exercises for the abdomen muscle groups.

Here you can find exercises for abs, arms, butt, cardio, legs and full body workouts. Each muscle group has 2 free workouts which can be either 5, 8 or 10 minutes long.

Get Daily Workouts FREE.


I personally use Daily Workouts FREE and it’s great, especially for a beginner. Other other ab workout apps are also great, especially 8 Minutes Abs Workout, which has more demanding exercises for people who are far ahead in their training.

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