Encrypt GMail, Recall Email with Criptext Extension

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Criptext is a simple and effective way to secure mails through encryption. It is a free tool that comes as a browser extension/add-on supporting popular browsers! Criptext also lets you keep your outgoing mail in control! Track your outgoing mails; know where and when your emails have been read. You can even pull back a mail that you have sent, irrespective of whether your mail was opened or not.

If you are sensitive about your mails, Criptext offers a great solution and most importantly, it does not require the receiver to have Criptext installed on their system. To be precise, Criptext gives you full control of your outgoing mails, where the existence and validity of the mail is also at your discretion! In this article, I am gonna show you how Criptext works!

Criptext Main

How To Keep Your Outgoing Mails Under Control

Criptext is currently supported on Google Chrome, Safari, Outlook. The add-on for Firefox is hopefully on the way! Since I am using Chrome, I will first download the Chrome extension to set everything in motion! Once you have installed the extension, you will get the following message:

Criptext Chrome Extension

The next step is to activate Criptext on your Gmail. As you log in to your Gmail account, you will prompt you to activate Criptext. Click ‘Activate’!

Activate Criptext

Once done, you now have security and control over the mails that you sent! In order to start, just click on “Compose” mail.

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Criptext Compose Mail

Enable the Criptext on your Compose mail window! You will see two new options: ‘Secure attachment’ and ‘Expiration.’ Attach a file like you normally do while sending a mail. The only difference with Criptext will be that your data will never be kept by your recipient, thus allowing you to control what files you include in your mail. You can also set expiration for the mail. By doing so, Criptext will automatically recall the mail after the set time, thus making the content of your mail inaccessible. Way to send time-sensitive emails!

Compose Mail Using Criptext

Hit the ‘Send Securely’ button once your done composing your mail. Now, your mail will be encrypted and sent for your to take control over it.

The next step is tracking your mails. Whatever mails you send using Criptext can be monitored: you can check whether the recipient has opened your mail or not. In order to do so, go to the ‘Email Activity’ area where you will see the details of the mails that you have sent.

Criptext Email Activity

You will also receive a notification balloon informing you that the date and time on which the recipient has opened your mail.

Criptext Notification

If you want to recall a mail, simply hit the RECALL button to pull back your mail. The mail will become invalid at the recipient’s end and he won’t be able to access any content in the mail. This is how a recalled mail would appear at the recipient’s end:

Recalled mail


Criptext offers impeccable security for your mails. Without any compatibility issues, the tool integrates seamlessly into a Gmail account. If you are the kinda person who wants to control whatever mails go from your end, Criptext is your perfect companion. So go ahead and try Criptext and share your experience with me.

Try Criptext.

Editor Ratings:
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