Lusity: Android App To Listen to Relaxing Sounds of Nature

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Having trouble sleeping? Are your stress and anxiety levels high? Well, I have something that might help! Lusity is a wonderful ‘sleep and relaxation aid’ android app. The app features more than 30 high quality relaxing sounds of nature. Develop a healthy way to relax and improve your sleep quality by listening to these wonderful sounds effects.

Lusity features high quality loops of relaxing sounds of environments such as sea, waterfall, forest, rainfall and thunder sounds. It also includes sounds of birds, crickets and other animals. You can mix these sounds according to your preference to produce the sound of a cool and soothing environment! Lusity features a timer; you can use it to stop the music as you drift off to sleep.

Lusity Main

How to Use Lusity Nature Sounds App for Android

Lusity has a clean UI with large pictures representing different environments.  It features more than 10 environments with high quality sound effects. Among them, you will find forest, night, sea breeze, river, etc. Each environment again contains various sound effects that complement the ambiance. Now, tap on any of the environments.

Lusity Ambiance

As you can see, Lusity has a sort of audio player-like interface. You have play/pause button, volume control. On the top, you can see the name of the environment. It also features a timer. If you tap anywhere on the screen on Settings, you will find additional options to customize the ambiance according to your preference.

Lusity Settings

For example, as you can see under the “under the tree” environment, you have optional sound effects such as rainfall, thunder, lightning and wind. You can turn them on or off. You can also control the volume for each effects to reproduce the most pleasant melody for your ears!

There is also a unique sound for brainwave entertainment that produces an isochronic tone. It is a regular beat of a single tone that has been claimed to assist with cognition, stress management and meditation.

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Lusity’s timer makes it easy for you to automatically stop the melodies as you fall asleep. You can set the sounds on a loop for a few minutes to as long as 24 hours! Simply tap on the clock ticker to set time.

Lusity Timer

You can also use Lusity’s relaxing sounds to:

  • reduce the levels of stress and anxiety
  • improve sleep quality and help fight insomnia
  • cope anger issues
  • achieve deep states of mediation
  • improve mental health and emotional well-being


While other similar apps either offer only previews of a few environments or offer crappy audio quality, Lusity is free (pay few bucks to get the ad-free version) and it offers high quality relaxing sounds. The effects are realistic and soothing to the ear! And you should be crazy if you do not like the sounds of nature! As far as I am concerned, a big thumbs up for Lusity!

Get Lusity.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 5 Average: 2.8]
Works With: Android
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