Coffee Shop Like Noises To Feel As Sitting In Coffee Shop: Coffitivity

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Coffitivity is an interesting website that does a very simple thing: It provides coffee shop like noises that you can play in the background to get a feeling as if you are sitting in a coffee shop. If you work alone at home or office, then you can open Coffitivity website in background to play the coffee shop sounds. The sounds give you feeling of a coffee shop like murmur with people chatting in background, sounds of utensils, and other feeble voices that you can hear in a coffee shop, to give you a realistic coffee shop like ambience, right in your private working room.

Nowadays, working from home culture is increasing a lot, with all the organizations, especially web-based, hiring employees that can work remotely. Such employees most of the times work from a quiet corner of their home. However, such quiet can sometime lead to quick boredom. That is where this Coffitivity comes handy; it lets you feel as if you are sitting in a coffee shop, even while sitting in remote corner of your home.


Coffitivity: Just Enough Noise To Work

As soon as I opened the website, it started playing coffee shop sounds in the background. Nothing to download, neither you need to register an account. Just open the website and turn your speakers on. You will see a simple player at the top of the website, with control for Play, Pause, and Volume control only. Initially I thought volume control was useless, as I would rather control volume through my laptop’s volume controls; but I soon realized use for them when I decided to mix Coffitivity with my own music and wanted to control volume of both separately.

Coffitivity Player

Coffitivity has 3 basic sounds that you can choose from:

  • Morning Murmur: It gives the feeling of morning rush of coffee shop.
  • Lunchtime Lounge: Get the feeling of sitting in a Startbucks during lunch time.
  • University Undertones: This gives a feeling of a university coffee shop. Sounds are much younger.

Just choose any of the sounds and start enjoying coffee shop experience. If you do not like these sounds, you can try nature sounds we covered earlier.

Coffitivity is available as a website, Android app, iOS app, and Mac app. You can find links of all these on Coffitivity homepage, that I have given at the end.

My Opinion About Coffitivity:

I have been playing with Coffitivity for around 2 days now, and I seem to be getting a hang of it. Initially it sounded like distracting noise. But soon I realized that it actually gives a feeling that you have company, instead of having a feeling that you are working alone in a corner. However, I realized that I enjoyed it better if I also played some light music in the background; like coffee shops normally have. So, for me, combination of Coffitivity and my own music collection did the trick.

I think I will keep coming back to Coffitivity whenever I am working alone and mix up its nice coffee shop sounds with online streaming music to get my perfect working ambience.

What Do you think of Coffitivity? Do you think it is a useful website? Let me know in comments below.

Go to Coffitivity.

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