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Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a free game developed by ZeptoLab. This game stars the ultra adorable green monster Om Nom and his ancestors who are always hungry for candy. It has smooth graphics and offers 6 chapters, each consisting of 15 levels. A few chapters are locked initially, but eventually they get unlocked as you progress through the game collecting stars.

It also has a an additional feature of Superpowers, by which you can complete any level that you’re stuck at. You are provided with 3 superpowers with the game, and when they run out, you have to purchase more superpowers.

The game also showcases a few Om Nom cartoons, which are also quite fun to watch. No stone has been left unturned to make sure that this game becomes as perfect as it possibly can.

cut the rope time travel

This game is a perfect pastime for Android users all across the globe. This game is different from other games in Cut The Rope lineup of games because in this game, you have to feed two little green monsters instead of one, making it double the fun!

(If you are a fan of original version of Cut The Rope, do know that you can play Cut The Rope online.)

Features of free Android game Cut The Rope: Time Travel

  • The game has beautiful graphics. It is exceptionally polished for a free application. This fact can be justified by simply taking a quick glance at the game’s start screen itself.
  • The game consists of 6 chapters- Middle Ages, the Renaissance, a Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and the Stone Age. To open a chapter, simply click on the image, and the levels Window will pop up where you can choose whichever level you desire to play.
    cut the rope chapters
  • Each chapter consists of 15 levels and a cute Om Nom video indicated by a green video cam icon. The screenshot below illustrates the level page inside a chapter.
    cut the rope levels
  • This game is different from other Cut The Rope series of games because in this game, you have to feed two cute green monsters instead of just one. It might sound complex, but understanding this concept is fairly easy to understand once you start playing this game. The screenshot below shows how there are two candies to feed to the two cute monsters. Also, in the image, you can see the restart level button and the pause button in the top right, and in the left you can see the Star collection indicators and a button with Thunderbolt icon on it. Clicking this button activates the superpower mode, where you can control the candy by touching the screen. The game comes loaded with 3 superpowers. You can always purchase more superpowers (which requires real cash). You can see in the below screenshot that I have already used up one of my superpowers, and am left with just 2 of them now.
    cut the rope gameplay

How to play it?

Playing this game does not require complex step by step instructions. You just have to slice ropes on which the candy is hanging in such a manner that the candies fall into the mouths of the monsters.

What I like?

  • Ease of use.
  • People of any age group can play this game, as it’s very easy to understand and learn.
  • Difficulty of levels increases with each level.
  • As the game is based on laws of Physics’ momentum and gravity, it can teach a lot to little children, as to how Physics works in real life.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Works smoothly on low range to high range android devices- does not consume much RAM while running.
  • Frequent updates- the developer has promised to release even more chapters for this game, meaning an addition of 15 levels and 1 cartoon per chapter.

What I don’t like?

  • It is ad supported.


Cut The Rope: Time Travel is an amazing game. It should be a must have app on every android user’s list. The graphics are exceptionally good, and the constant updates from the developer is the icing on the cake. My only complaint with this app are the ads that it shows at times, however, as it’s a free app, I don’t think much of it. Also, if you play offline, there will not be any ads whatsoever.

The game will especially appeal to young children- I can say this with confidence as my 6 year old cousin played this game for hours without getting bored at all!

My verdict- Download it as soon as possible!

Supports: Android Devices

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