Moo0 Connection Watcher: Free Network Connection Monitoring Software

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Moo0 Connection Watcher is a free network connection monitoring software for Windows which you can use to monitor and log network connections made using the TCP/UDP protocols. Every time that an application creates a connection (locally or to the Internet) it’s gonna be detected by Connection Watcher and added to a list of active connections. It also reports remote address to where the application connected, port that was used, detailed info about the process that made the connection, time that the connection is active and much more.

There’s two connection lists that can be selected from the top. Notice the two tabs, Current and Log, on the screenshot down below. Current will list all the currently active connections. Once a process disconnects, the connection will be removed from the Current list because it’s no longer active. Log on the other hand saves every connection even after it’s closed so you can check on connections which were made later on.

Moo0 Connection Watcher default window

Very small and simplistic menu in the top right corner allows you to tweak various settings of this free network connection monitoring software. Current upload/download speed and the total number of created connections can be kept track of in the status bar all the way at the bottom of the interface.

Key features of Moo0 Connection Watcher are:

  • Free and simple to setup: starts working right away after you run it
  • Monitors and lists all the currently active network connections
  • Displays info about process that made the connection, duration, traffic
  • Reports back the remote location with support for host name resolution
  • Allows you to save a log file of up to 3000 network connections
  • Refresh frequency can be set in seconds or it can be real time
  • Next to installer version, portable can also be downloaded and used

Similar software: CurrPorts.

Be careful when installing Moo0 Connection Watcher because it tries to install 3 additional applications at the very beginning of the installation process. Uncheck the additional application install, unless you’re interested in installing them of course.

How to keep track of networks connections with Moo0 Connection Watcher:

Connections will be listed and logged automatically as soon as you start Connection Watcher. Info about the connection, name of the process that created it, remote address, port, traffic usage, duration and so on can be viewed by scrolling to the right, using the scroll bar at the end of the list.

Moo0 Connection Watcher menu

Options like refresh frequency, size of the log file, skins and several are tweakabale. Click View in the top left corner to change them.

Moo0 Connection Watcher saving log

Log files can be exported as HTML documents. To do that, switch over to the Log tab and from there click on the Save Log button in the bottom right corner of the interface.


Moo0 Connection Watcher has a lot of useful features which will help you keep track of network connections. If you’re having active connections and you don’t know which programs are connecting to the internet, then this is the tool for you. You might even discover malware that found its way to your computer. Download this free network connection monitoring software for free.

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Works With: Windows
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