List of Free Software from Comodo

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Comodo is the creator of popular security software like Comodo Internet Security Pro. Comodo has lot of free products as well that are very useful, and have nice features.

Here is a list of some of free software from Comodo.

1) Comodo Dragon Internet Browser: Comodo Dragon is a free internet browser from Comodo. This browser is designed for security and privacy. I highly recommend this browser if you online activities involve lot of bank activity / stock trading. Download here .

2) Comodo Time Machine: Comodo Time Machine is a replacement of Windows Restore point. It can take snapshot of your system at any point in time, and you can use that snapshot to later restore your system to that state. Download here.

3) Comodo Free Antivirus: Comodo Free Antivirus is a very effective free antivirus software. It is one of the few free antivirus that comes with automatic updates. Download here.

4) Comodo Firewall: Comodo Firewall is a free firewall software from Comodo, that goes well with Comodo Antivirus. One of the great feature is that it comes pre-configured with a list of safe applications, so you don’t have to individually configure each application. Download here.

5) Comodo Secure Email Encryption: Comodo Secure email encryption is a free software to send emails in encrypted form so that no one can read them if they intercept them over your network. Download here.

6) Comodo EasyVPN: Comodo EasyVPN is a free software to create your own virtual private network. You can create Free VPN between multiple computers you own, or with your friends. Download here.

7) Comodo Disk Encryption: Comodo Disk Encryption is a free software to encrypt data on your disk. You can set option to see encrypted data using a password, or using a USB drive as a key, or both. Download here.

8) Comodo System Cleaner: Comodo System Cleaner is a free software to tweak all aspects of Windows. It comes with a registry cleaner, disk cleaner, privacy cleaner, Autoruns manager, and lot more. Download here.

9) Comodo Backup: Comodo backup is a free software to backup your files and folders on a scheduled basis. It can even encrypt your backups. Download here.

All these free software from Comodo are very effective, and easy to use. Most of these software relate to security, because that’s what Comodo specializes in.

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