Browser Extension to Customize Reddit: Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES)

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Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) is a free browser extension meant to help you have a better Reddit experience. The application brings together various tweaks and features to help you perform various tasks on reddit much more easier. With (RES) you can easily keep tabs on your messages, spam, filters and even customize your own interface.

Features of Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES)

  • Easily switch between different accounts
  • Fully customized interface
  • Direct link to other users links and comments appear just by gaining focus using the mouse
  • Hide your real username on Reddit
  • View a preview of comments as they are added and save them
  • easily filter NSFW content, links or domains
  • New dashboard that displays content from subreddits and message box
  • Infinite scrolling on pages
  • Keyboard navigation on reddit page

How to use it

Reddit Enhancement Suite is installed on your computer via extensions available on Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Chrome web browsers. The Firefox version requires multiple authorisations to install and you need to restart your browser for changes to take effect. Once installed, the add on can be viewed on the right corner of the reddit page.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

The dashboard lists your current activity. To access the dashboard, click My Dashboard on the RES menu. Click on mail widget on the dashboard to view your currently unread messages, inbox messages and all messages. You can also view all replies you have posted on comments and also post replies on comments by clicking post replies. You can enable or disable the account switcher by clicking Settings control. To switch between accounts, you have to have added multiple accounts which you can do by clicking add account on the Settings console. You can opt to display your username or set to be logged in every time you open the page by turning on the keepLoggedIn and showCurrentUsername options.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

Filters help you avoid specific content. To set filters, navigate to the filters tab on the settings console. Set the filterReddit option on and enable the NSFW filter. To add filters for keywords, subreddits and domains click add filter on the respective sections. You can toggle between night and day modes by clicking Night mode from the RES menu. Night mode changes the interface theme to black while the day mode revert back to the default white theme. To enable and configure keyboard navigation, navigate to the UI tab on the settings console. All configuration settings need to be saved by clicking save options.


  • Carry out various tasks at a centralised location
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Available on all major browsers


None that I could find.


Reddit Enhancement Suite is a simple and convenient way to create an entirely new experience by use of its superb features and customization options.

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Works With: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera
Free/Paid: Free

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