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Mozilla Firefox 5 is free web browser for your desktop which makes browsing the internet easy and super fast. The application is designed to offer its users the quick and easy to use improved interface, awesome task bar and high performance structure. The browser is fully customizable and you can secure your browsing data and personal info with this easy to use web browser.

mozilla firefox 5

The task bar in the application interface is designed to make your browsing experience awesome and easy to operate. The task bar is located on the top most area of the web browser and you can add your URLs in the address line to open the website. In this application, the bar comes with auto complete feature, so that you need not remember URLs of your site, just input the key word in the bar and the auto complete function will include possible matches from your browsing history, bookmarked sites and open tabs. The bar will remember your preference as you use the browser over the time and it adapts to your preferences and offers better-fitting matches.

This free application comes with customizable interface, as you can browse internet with your own personalized web browser. The application comes with easy to alter and made it easy to adjust the Firefox interface to be exactly the way you like it, like you can re-arrange, organize, add or remove buttons or fields to change your browsing experience however you want. Just right click on the navigation toolbar and select the Customize option to get started.

The features offered by this free to use web browser are:

High performance

The application is designed keeping in mind the speed you would need to browse internet. The application comes with faster start-up times which will load your web pages faster and display the images, videos and text in the web page more clearly and faster than any other web browser. The application is designed with most powerful JavaScript and technology so that you can surf through the internet more faster and efficient way.

Crash protection

The application provides you crash protection against the failure of common plugins like for Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime or Microsoft Silverlight, so that you can surf through the internet uninterruptedly. If one of these commonly-used plugins crashes or freezes, it won’t affect the rest of the browser. You can simply reload the page to restart the plugin and try again.

Advanced Security

The application provides you with high security definition and you can secure your web ids and data from the intruders using this free web browser. Check up on suspicious sites, avoid Web forgeries and make sure a site is what it claims to be. You can click on the favicon of the address bar and instantly have identity overview of the web address. You can also browse privately with this browser, you just have to switch on this feature and protect your browsing history. Firefox keeps attackers from intercepting your sensitive data by automatically establishing secure connections to websites that offer secure https servers.

Add-ons Manager

The application comes with new and improved Add-ons Manager, which is redesigned to let you discover and install add-ons without ever leaving Firefox. Browse ratings, recommendations, descriptions and pictures of the add-ons in action to help you make your selection. The Add-ons Manager even lets you view, manage and disable third-party plugins in a few easy clicks, checking and auto-updating any of your installed add-ons every time you open the Manager pane. With this free app, you can customize your add- ons. You can add new search engines, change toolbar preferences, display different sizes, shapes and styles for your browser’s navigation buttons and more. With additional preferences, you can also specify a Web mail client to open up when you click on an address from a Web page or set up a news reader application for the blogs you encounter.

Other features:

Stay in Sync

You can sync seamlessly with this free web browser, as you can connect with your desktop and mobile Firefoxe, so you can access your browsing history, passwords, bookmarks and even open tabs no matter which device you use. You can use the oldest firefox data on your mobile phone whenever you want. Also use saved passwords from your desktop to fill out forms on your phone.

Password Manager

The password manager in the application will not only help you remembering passwords, but also you need not retype your passwords again and again with this application. The application remembers all the passwords that you have input in your favorite sites. You’ll be prompted with a non-intrusive option to remember passwords when you first log in—after that, Firefox will save the password in its memory and you need not remember password.

Integrated Web Search

The application comes with integrated search engines, to make your searching even more easier and smarter. The search engine is just located on the right of your location bar. Select the search engine of your choice and enter your search terms into the box. The box width is even adjustable if you need more space.

Session Restore

Session Restore instantly brings back your windows and tabs, restoring text you entered and any in-progress downloads. You can restart the browser without losing your place after you install an add-on or software update. And, if Firefox or your computer unexpectedly closes, you don’t have to spend time recovering data or retracing your steps through the Web. The application stores in its memory even the last word typed by you in the email before failure, thus you don’t lost any data or info.

Download Manager

The download manager in the web browser helps you to download files seamlessly and securely. A pause and resume feature means you can stop and start anytime. This will help you to manage your downloading easily while the resume function also works if your system crashes or is forced to restart. The manager shows your download progress and even lets you search your files by name or the Web address where the download came from.

The new improved interface of the application is easy to use and you use the tabs in the interface with ease. The app interface comes with range of tabs that are distinguishable and very easy to understand. The tabs on the top of the address line display the name of the website on your browser to make it easier to focus on the content of the sites you visit. And for the menu, all the menu items are clubbed in the single Firefox button in the application interface for easy navigation. There is also a book mark button in the browser that remembers your bookmarks and manages them efficiently. The Home button has been moved to the right side of the search-field.

Along with the features that are generally offered by the any web browsers, the application offers you high security features that will help you protect from viruses and phishing. The app will provide you with do not track feature whereby, other sites track your online behavior and sell that data to advertisers. Firefox lets you tell sites you want to opt out of behavioral tracking and keep your browsing habits private.

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Interestingly, this free application integrates with your Windows anti-virus software. When you download a file, your computer’s anti-virus program automatically checks it to protect you against viruses and other malware, which could otherwise attack your computer. Moreover, you can transact online safely with this free web browser. Firefox gets a fresh update of forgery sites a whopping 48 times a day, so if you try to visit a fraudulent site that’s pretending to be someone you trust, a warning message will stop you before any harm is done.

With the Mozilla Firefox you can stay in control while the app will help you to check your plugins and define controls on what you must surf and not. The application offers you features and performance so that you can safely surf through the internet keeping in mind the factors that may affect your security and system. With this app, you can check your outdated 3rd party plugins which can be a major risk to your system and update them easily with this free app. Also enforce parental control settings you’ve entered on Windows 7 to stop unwanted downloads and more and customize the settings to suit your needs.

The application is designed with newest of technologies and features to give you powerful web browser for enhancing your browsing experience. The technology used in the development of the program will help you to surf faster and have elegant looks to feel fresh. The freeware uses HTML5 formats with innovations, CSS scripts has made the web pages and interface look more beautiful, there are modern APIs and developer tools so that you can make max use of the browser. You will also observe SVG animations and use SMIL for animations over Firefox and use ‘in <img>’ tags as well as background images in CSS.

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